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How to Write for Social Media

Wherever you publish your content, it’s important to consider the needs and preferences of your audience. Writing for social media is not the same as writing for your blog, website or print publication. Not all social media sites are the same, of course. Each has its own particular rules and idiosyncrasies. There are, however, certain…

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The Value of One-to-One Customer Support for SaaS

There are few things in the world more frustrating than contacting a general support line or email address and getting a new person each time. Whether you’re calling about cell phone service, auto insurance, or software support, we’ve all experienced the familiar frustration of sitting in a support queue before. This is called the one-to-many…

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How Brands Can Plan for Large-Scale Social

What are the challenges of scaling social media efforts? We sat down with Sysomos Expion’s EMEA Director of Client Strategy, Alex Smith, to discuss advice for brands that face the challenge of managing a global social media footprint. In the video below, Alex lays out five key pillars of social transformation that businesses will need to address in…

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Cheat Sheet: 2016 Social Media Video Length

Instagram recently announced that video length is being extended from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. What does this mean for businesses who run campaigns? This move creates a new option for advertising across Facebook and Instagram. Although video publishing on Instagram has been slow to adopt (due to the nature of the channel and user behavior,…

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Why Hotels and Destinations Need to Be Listening on Instagram and Twitter

If you’re in the hospitality/travel industry, social listening and more widely speaking – social intelligence – is a must-do activity for 2016. When I say hospitality and travel, I’m speaking about any organization operating in the tourism spectrum, including hotels, tourist attractions (theme parks, gardens/natural areas), visitors and convention boards, and more. Basically, if you…

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