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Giving Tuesday Gets Bigger In 2014

Giving TuesdayOn Tuesday we took a look at some of the social numbers behind the people talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. But there’s one other important day that has come in to play to help kick off the holiday season in the past few years; Giving Tuesday.

Last year, we wrote about Giving Tuesday on the Marketwired blog, which was only in it’s second year of existence. While 2013 was just the second year that Giving Tuesday existed, it was only the first year we had heard about it. The idea of Giving Tuesday was born from the idea that after Americans have spent a weekend on buying things for themselves and loved ones on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, there should be a day where people can help others, which is also in line with the holiday spirit of giving.

Since last year was only the second year of Giving Tuesday’s existence, we looked at how much spread the idea had got through social media. Well, now that Giving Tuesday has had it’s third year of doing good for others, we thought it would be interesting to use MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, to see how it grew in 2014.

In 2013, “Giving Tuesday” or the hashtag “#GivingTuesday” appeared in about 472,000 social conversations across blogs, online news, forums and tweets. This year we saw the number of mentions rise by over 100,000. This year we found Giving Tuesday being talked about in 1,218 blog posts, 7,649 online news articles, 259 forum postings and 570,016 tweets on just December 2nd. Interestingly, most of that jump of 100,000 mentions happened on Twitter as the other three channels we looked at actually dropped.

Sysomos MAP - Activity Summary

Since Twitter was the main driver of conversation this year, we dug a little bit deeper into what happened there. As it turns out, the number of tweets about Giving Tuesday jumped from about 19,000 mentions an hour last year to almost 24,000 mentions an hour this year. Also interesting was that we found who was tweeting about it also changed. Last year women tweeted more about Giving Tuesday than men at 52% to 48%. This year that gap widened though. In 2014 even more women were talking about Giving Tuesday and the gap grew to 54% vs 46%.

Sysomos MAP - Twitter Activity Summary

Last year we also found that 74.7% of the Giving Tuesday tweets came from the United States. This year, that number grew to 75.3% of all the tweets. But just because the United States seems to be the most involved in Giving Tuesday doesn’t make them the only ones. When we pulled up our geo-location heat map of where tweets were originating from we can actually see that people from around the world were tweeting and taking part in Giving Tuesday.

Sysomos MAP - Geo Location Heat Map of Tweets

Last year we also looked at how popular the #GivingTuesday hashtag was on Instagram. Last year we found 17,630 pictures tagged with the hashtag. This year though, that number rose to 70,708… which is a fantastic rise for a great event.

Sysomos MAP - Instagram Activity Summary

The best rise in activity that we found this year though was through the sentiment around Giving Tuesday in social channels. Last year 40% of the conversation was positive, while 13% was negative. However, this year, positive sentiment around Giving Tuesday rose to 57% and negative sentiment shrunk to 2%.

Sysomos MAP - Overall Sentiment

We were really happy to see that Giving Tuesday has seen a rise in awareness in the social sphere. We hope that it goes up even more for next year.

We’re curious to know how charities saw a rise on Giving Tuesday though. If you work for or with a charity, please leave us a comment and let us know what you saw happen on Giving Tuesday and how it changed from last year.

Millions Talk About The #ALSIceBucketChallenge While Raising Millions

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and others take the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Last week on on the blog Mark wrote about the virality of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. And viral it has been.

The Ice Bucket Challenge caught on and spread super quickly across social media this past month. And why not? It was fun (kind of), it raised awareness for a good cause, it gave people a fun way to spread the word that they were into and it raised a lot of money for a charity that wouldn’t have usually seen that much (according to Wikipedia ALS has raised over $100M across a variety of charities).

With it’s great numbers in terms of fund raising, we thought that it would be interesting to take a look at what kind of numbers the #ALSIceBucketChallenge put up in terms of social mentions.

Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, we looked for mentions of #ALSIceBucketChallenge, #IceBucketChallenge and “Ice Bucket Challenge” and found more than 21 million mentions between the beginning of August and yesterday. First, we found 51,537 blog mentions, 106,478 online news articles, 96,353 forum postings and 21,114,062 tweets that have talked about the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Sysomos MAP - Activity Summary

Interesting to note; on Twitter all of those tweets equal out to 25,875 tweets an hour about the Ice Bucket Challenge. As well, it’s interesting to see that both men and women are tweeting equally as much about the Ice Bucket Challenge with women slightly beating out the men.

Sysomos MAP - Twitter Activity Summary

A lot of the sharing has been done though videos posted to Facebook. Because we only have access to public status updates, we found 821,080 statuses mentioning the challenge (but we’re positive there’s A LOT more that aren’t public).

Sysomos MAP - Facebook Public Status Activity

But not all of the videos have been shared just through Facebook videos. When we looked at YouTube we found that 402,806 videos have been uploaded in that same time period that had been tagged with or mentioned the Ice Bucket Challenge in their title.

Sysomos MAP - Video Activity Summary

The Ice Bucket Challenge has also been extremely popular on Instagram. A search for the hashtag #ALSIceBucketChallenge showed over 2.4 million posts to the photo and short video network.

Sysomos MAP - Instagram Activity Summary

In addition to that, just #IceBucketChallenge also showed over 1.4 million more Instagram posts.

Sysomos MAP - Instagram Activity Summary

So, where are all of these mentions of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge coming from? It appears that almost half of all Ice Bucket Challenge mentions are coming from the USA. However, when we look at our geo location heat map of tweets about the challenge we can see that the charity phenomenon has really gone global.

Sysomos MAP - Country Distribution

Sysomos MAP - Geo Location Twitter Heat Map

If only we could achieve numbers like this for other charities as well (and I’m sure we’ll see many attempts in the near future).

BONUS: I took the #ALSIceBucketChallenge last week, so if you want, you can see the video here.

#NoMakeupSelfie Is A Movement. Not Just A Trend

Have you seen the #NoMakeupSelfie hashtag making it’s way across social channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram recently? Did you know that because of that hashtag over £8 million was raised for Cancer Research UK?

What’s impressive about this is that Cancer Research UK had nothing to do with this campaign. It was started by everyday people.

Even more impressive though, is that the #NoMakeupSelfie hashtag didn’t even really exist a little over a week ago.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Popularity Chart

Before March 17, our social media monitoring and analytics software, MAP, could barely find any trace of the hashtag across social channels. Yet, according to a post on Cancer Research UK’s Google+ page, in just 6 days, the hashtag has helped to bring awareness of the charity to the masses and also resulted in over £8 million in donations.

Since March 17th we found that the #NoMakeupSelfie hashtag appeared 394 blog posts, 1,213 online news stories, 68 forum postings and 147,395 tweets.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Activity Summary

And if that wasn’t enough, the hashtag has also appeared in over 95,000 Instagram photos.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Instagram Activity

The #NoMakeupSelfie movement didn’t just stay in the UK though. Looking at just Twitter, we found that while the majority of tweets with the hashtag were coming from the UK (69.6%), the movement has also spread around the world and picked up steam in Ireland (8.5%), the United States (7.5%), Australia (2.8%) and Canada (2.6%).

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Twitter Activity

And that 9% of tweets that are listed as “other”? Well, a look at our geo location heat map of tweets shows that “other” is actually all corner of the globe.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Geo Location Heat Map of Tweets

When we look at social channels combined though, we found that there are also a lot of other countries making noise about this. The UK is still the country mentioning the hashtag the most (51.1%), but we can also see that other countries like Armenia (15.8%) and Italy (3.5%) have also gotten on board with #NoMakeupSelfie.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Country Distribution

Part of the spread of this citizen started campaign can likely be attributed to some big stars helping to spread the word. A look at the most retweeted tweets that contain #NoMakeupSelfie show that stars like English actress Michelle Keegan, pop star George Shelley and Ricky Gervais all helped to spread the word of this movement.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Most Retweeted Tweets

Now, while the movement has been doing a lot of good to help raise awareness and money for cancer research, there has also been many critics who have said that once the hashtag caught on it started to lose it’s original purpose. However, during our search around the #NoMakeupSelfie hashtag we found that 6 most used hashtags that appeared in conjunction with it all had some sort of a cancer awareness message to them.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Most Used Hashtags

As well, when we pulled up a word cloud around the hashtag being used across social media channels, the word “cancer” and the hashtag “#CancerAwareness” do appear as some of the larger words in the cloud (meaning they’re appearing still quite often). However, they aren’t as large as #NoMakeupSelfie.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Word Cloud

But, that’s why we wanted to get this blog post up. We want to take the focus back away from just the pictures and remind the world that the point of this movement was to raise awareness and money for cancer research (now not just in the UK, but worldwide). So, if you’ve been wondering what the #NoMakeupSelfie hashtag was all about, we hope that we’ve enlightened you a bit, and we hope that you’ll help us spread the word that this hashtag isn’t just a latest trend, but that it’s actually a movement to do some good.

So, if you’re going to take a #NoMakeupSelfie, we also urge you to donate to a local cancer research fund of your choosing. And if you don’t know of a local one, check out World Cancer Research Fund International to find one.

MOvember: A Month Of Moustaches and Social Media

MOvember 2013Well, MOvember is officially in the books for another year. That’s right, the magical month of moustaches is now behind us and men all over the world can go back to their regular handsome face configurations. But of course it was all for a great cause.

MOvember raises money for research in prostate cancer and other men’s health issues by creating awareness through the use of people’s faces. Men are urged to grow moustaches and collect donations for the charity throughout the month of November. Not only do people use their faces to create awareness, but social media also plays a huge role in spreading the word of MOvember.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam Garone, the founder and CEO of MOvember, who told us a bit more about how MOvember got started and what kind of a role social media plays in helping to spread the word.

Movember from Marketwired on Vimeo.

Now that MOvember is done for 2013, we decided to use MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, to see how much of an impact MOvember had on the social media world.

Over the month of November this year, we found that MOvember was mentioned in social channels over 1.1 million times. Mentions of MOvember came up in 13,266 blog posts, 11,076 online news articles, 11,278 forum postings and 1.161,236 tweets.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Activity Summary

Spreading out those mentions over time we see something very interesting. The first day of the month, when MOvember officially started, saw a gigantic spike in mentions to kick off the month long charity event. The first day of a new venture always seems to be most exciting. After that though, the mentions settle down, but remain pretty steady throughout the rest of the month as people talk about MOvember and use social to sollicite donations.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Popularity Chart

Since Twitter seemed to be the main driver of MOvember conversation, we focused in a little more on the network. On average, we found that MOvember was being mentioned on Twitter almost 39,000 times a day for the month. That also averages out to about 1,600 MOvember tweets per hour over the entire month.

We also found by looking deeper into the mentions on Twitter that most of the MOvember talk was coming for males. Men accounted for 70% of all the MOvember mentions we found on Twitter, which makes sense as men were the ones who sacrificed their upper lips for the cause and were likely using social media to get people to donate to their campaigns.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Twitter Activity Summary

We also plotted out where tweets about MOvember were originating from on our geo location heat map. It’s actually incredible to see how people all over the world were getting involved in the fundraising event and tweeting about it. While MOvember was originally started in Australia, we can see that over the years it has managed to make it’s way to all corners of our globe. People all over the world have come together to unite in a single charity event.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Twitter Geo Location Heat Map

And let’s not forget the pictures that people were sharing. What’s the point of growing an awesome moustache if you can’t show it off to the world? Looking specifically at Instagram, we found 914,014 pictures were tagged with #MOvember. And another 5,441 used the more specific hashatg of #MOvmeber2013.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Instagram Activity

Lastly, we pulled up the sentiment around MOvember for the month across all social channels. We found that MOvember had an outstanding 90% favourable rating for the month. 36% of the mentions we found were positive, while only 10% were negative. However, most of the negative mentions were women complaining about all the moustaches they weren’t enjoying, which actually helped in it’s own way to bring attention to the great cause.

MAP, Powered by Sysomos - Overall Sentiment

Did you participate in MOvember in some way this year? We want to hear about it in the comments section. Especially if you used social media in some way to do it.

Also, while MOvember is officially over, the charity is still accepting donations. So, if you feel inclined to give a last minute donation to a worthy cause feel free to sponor one of our Marketwired teams from around the globe which can all be found on our Marketwired MOvember network page.

Mid MOvember Update

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot more creepy looking men around these days? Just kidding.

As most of you are probably aware we’re currently in the middle of what is known as MOvember. This has become an annual tradition in the month of November where men around the world grow moustaches to create awareness and raise funds for prostate cancer research. A noble cause with a fun component to it. And, of course, we’re taking part in the festivities too.

So,  since today marks exactly half way through this magical moustache ride, I thought I’d do a little digging to see what the conversation around MOvember has been so far in social media using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform.

So far this month, MOvember has been mentioned over a million times though social channels. I found 9,061 blogs posts, 5,148 online news articles, 14,811 forum postings and 1,068,814 tweets about MOvember so far.

Trending those mentions out over time, we can see that the most amount of chatter happened on the first day of the month as everyone got ready to say goodbye to their upper lips for a month. Since then, the talk seems to have balanced out averaging about 50-60,000 mentions per day.

And who’s talking about MOvember the most? It looks like the United States is so far holding the lead on MOvember conversation with 37.5%. Right behind them is the UK, with 24.6%, and then Canada at 14.5%. Australia, where MOvember originated from, has 3.5% of all the MOvember conversation.

However, looking at the countries talking about MOvember as a percentage does very little to show how active this movement is around the world. Below is a heat map showing where MOvember tweets are coming from. In this more visual format we can see that people in every corner of the globe are talking about this (and probably looking extra creepy while they do so).

And what are all these people talking about? Well, it turns out that they’re spreading the message of MOvember. Of course we can see the words “moustache” and “stache” appearing quite often as it’s a major component of this charity. But we can also see words like “prostate”, “cancer”, “support”,  “awareness”, “donating” and “fundraising” appearing quite frequently, and these are the things that MOvember is all about.

Just for fun, I thought that I’d also pull up the most retweeted tweets about MOvember. I was very surprised and happy to find the most RT’d MOvemeber tweet is from Mr Clean, who is growing his own ‘stache this month, who has promised to donate up to $10,000 towards MOvembers cause for every retweet he gets.

Don’t forget that us here at the Sysomos and Marketwire family are also participating in MOvember. If you’d like to help us out, head over to our MOvember network page where you can choose to donate to our American, Canadian or UK teams. You can also donate to one of your favourite employees here too if you like.

Finally, for a little extra motivation to get you all talking and donating, I’ve decided to post a public photo of myself looking as creepy as possible with the ‘stache that I’m currently rocking. Enjoy (and please consider donating to this very worthy cause):