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Professors Turning Social Media into Teaching Tool

Social media has become a powerful and valuable tool for many businesses, organizations and individuals. We have touched upon this in previous posts, including this one about scouts in the world of sports.

Now, the academic world is enthusiastically embracing social media in a major way.

This includes professors, who are adopting social media. According to a recent report by Pearson and the Babson Research Survey Group, blogs and wikis are being enthusiastically  used in the lecture halls.

As well, nearly 40% of professors in the humanities and arts use social media for teaching.

This seems like a natural fit. The elements and tenets of social media make it predisposed for learning and teaching. It’s safe to say social media is already being used by the students in many different ways.

If you’re a student or going to be one in the near future, this should make you happy and excited.

The potential of social media for the academic world is well within reach. It has even more components for communication and sharing that is currently not being exploited.

A not so radical idea might be to have an entire course unfold within a social media forum. Why not? You could have video capability, real-time communication and the ability to share at high speed.

This might be jumping the gun, but would you be really surprised if one forward thinking professor tried it out? I wouldn’t.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if social media become fully ingrained in the majority of academic classes around the world.

Need Help Deciding What College or University is Right?

From the “the world has changed because of social media” file, it now seems young people are selecting colleges based on social media clout.

Gone are the days of campus tours and academic excellence. Well not exactly.

Post secondary institutions are now spending a lot of time and money to gain likes, fans and followers throughout popular social media networks.

According to this Mashable article, a recent survey of 7,000 high school students by online education resources Zinch and Inigral indicated that social media activity matters when making this important decision.

This was an inevitable trend for colleges and universities, but is it a good one? In my eyes, the answer is definitely yes.

Social media should turn every institution and industry on its head; it’s the quintessential game changer.

Colleges and universities should let students and prospective students connect with them on a much greater and more meaningful level through the web.

This should prove more beneficial than waiting on hold all day to reach someone, or trying to navigate your way through a confusing campus to find a counsellor who might not have an opening to see you.

The other benefit is to the institutions themselves, who can learn about their prospective students, engage them more frequently and even use social media as an excellent research tool.

The possibilities for all parties involved is enormous, and here’s hoping this trend continues and becomes something that can help students make the right choice in what will always be a life-defining decision.