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Using Data To Delight Your Community

Every company or brand out there has its fans and naysayers. It’s just a part of business. One great example where we’ve seen both types prominently over the past few years is the company formerly known as RIM (now known as just BlackBerry).

The company was at one point the leader in smartphone technology. In fact, they were probably the first real smartphone makers in the market. But then other companies like Apple and Google entered the market and some people felt that BlackBerry had been left behind. Fast forward a few years and BlackBerry has made a stunning reemergence in the field with their fully redesigned operating system known as BlackBerry 10.

When BlackBerry announced that it was completely revamping itself from the ground up, it was again met with its fair share of vocal fans and naysayers. For example, take a look at this tweet below that highlights one of the naysayers being countered by one of the very vocal fans:

One thing is for sure; whether it was from a naysayer or a fan, there was a lot of talk leading up to the launch of BB10. Check out this popularity chart below for mentions of BB10 over the past 6 months leading up to the launch. There were over 19 million tweets during this period.

Now, this is where the story gets very cool:

TELUS, a large telecom in Canada, was just as excited about launching the BB10 line on their network as some of the super fans out there were. They also knew how excited a lot of their customers were for the new BlackBerry devices. That’s why they decided to reward a lucky customer who was the most eager (and persistent) for the big release.

Using our MAP platform, TELUS was able to analyze millions of conversations about BlackBerry and BB10 from across Canada to find the people that were talking the most positively about their excitement for the new smartphone. By cross-referencing the top BB10 anticipators with their client records, they were able to grant one lucky customer’s wish of being one of the first people in the world to own a BlackBerryZ10 device.

This is a great example of how companies can use big data (both from social media and from their own databases) to show their customers and fan base that they’re listening and that they care what they think.

Dan Fricker, TELUS’s Social Media Community Manager, had this to say:

“Social media’s one of our many ways of connecting and actually having conversations with customers. What Sysomos offers is an incredible way to listen to those conversations, from different people all over the country. Beyond engaging in real-time interactions, we can also go back and see what people have been anticipating most about the launch of BlackBerry 10, for example, or who’s been talking about this new device the longest. That’s the case with @Im_Sure_ who’s been tweeting with @TELUS about the BB10 for weeks. With tools like Sysomos and the power of social we can engage in customer conversations like Matt’s, arguably the BB10’s #BestFan. Given Matt’s such a big BlackBerry fan, we surprised him with his very own Z10 today.”

Does Size Matter?

Within the social media world, size matters. It’s all about the number of followers, “Likes”, retweets, comments, Diggs, etc. But at the end of the day, size doesn’t matter.

What? How does that work?

Social media isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. What really matters is creating a community that is engaged and involved even if it’s a modest-size community. With a strong core, brands have a better chance of sustaining their social media efforts because there is a group of enthusiastic supporters willing to share the load along the way.

This is a better situation than having a large number of “Likes” or followers who are rarely engaged, if they’re engaged at all. In the scheme of things, these kind of people are fluff that easily blows away when the first distraction comes along. There is little value in these people because they don’t make an investment in the brand or community.

It is important to recognize the quality vs. quantity reality because far too often brands are mesmerized by large numbers. As a result, the success of their social media efforts are judged by lots of “Likes”, which means little if many of these people have no real connection.

Of course, quantity can be a challenging argument because large numbers do talk loud when a company is trying to measure social media ROI. It explains why many companies are willing to dangle lots of “carrots” to attract “Likes” or followers. This way they can turn around and tell the V.P. marketing that their social media efforts are working.

For now, size plays a strong role because there is so much focus on ROI. In time, however, brands will hopefully start to drill deeper into the value of their communities, which could make them realize that quality can be as important, if not more important, than quantity.

Introducing Sysomos’ New Community Manager

Greetings, Sysomos community!

My name is Sheldon Levine but some of you may know me by my social media alias, 40deuce. I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself as Sysomos’ new community manager.

Some of you may have already noticed me getting involved with Sysomos over the past two weeks but from here on, I’ll be much more visible and available.

I’m really excited to be working here with the fantastic staff at Sysomos. I’ve been getting to know the services, Heartbeat and MAP, all the people around the office. So far, I’m loving it .

The company was doing great before I stepped in the door, and I’m here to give it more of presence in the community.

Right now, you may be asking what exactly does a community manager do?

That question is answered differently by every organization, but I’ll tell you what I’ll be doing to start.

For the first little while, my goal is to get better acquainted with you, the people of the Internet. Specifically, I’m going to be learning about the people within the social media world, and what they’re saying about themes that revolve around our business of social media monitoring and analytics

I’m going to be tweeting, reading blogs, and meeting people on behalf of both myself and Sysomos. I will also be contributing to this blog to help add to the great stuff Mark Evans has been writing. As well, I will be helping to create some of the great special reports that Sysomos puts out, as well as a few other behind the scenes things.

I really love meeting and talking with new and interesting people, so I’m really happy to be doing this on behalf of a company that I really believe in.

Finally, a little about me. I recently graduated with a Masters in Professional Communication from the University of Western Sydney in Australia where I focused on social media.

I’m a big nerd and love all kinds of geek and tech toys. I also love to write and share cool things that I find online. I mostly do those things through a few personal blogs. You can see them all on my landing page.

If you want to know more, you can always get a hold of me via Twitter at either the official Sysomos account or my personal one, 40deuce. And of course, there’s always my email

Can’t wait to meet and get to know all of you! Speak to you soon.