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Felix Baumgartner vs Red Bull: Who got more exposure?

Felix Baumgartner, daredevil extraordinaire, plans on making the highest jump in the world. He’s working with a team of scientists and sponsor Red Bull to jump from 120,000 feet (36,000 km) from a giant helium balloon. One of the goals is to break the sound barrier.

Obviously this means a lot of buzz on social media. We could tell you that in the last four days  (October 7 to 10) that “livejump” (the official hashtag) and “Baumgartner” got 17,669 total mentions while “livejump” and “Red Bull” got 13,071 mentions ) but that’s simple. What we’re going to look at is who’s winning the social media race, Baumgartner or Red Bull. After all, there is science (NASA is watching) but let’s face it, Red Bull is hoping for some serious numbers as the sponsor.

We compared “livejump” AND “Baumgartner” to “livejump” and “Red Bull”  and in overall share of voice, Baumgartner is the clear winner with 58 per cent share of voice.

When you break it down, “livejump” and “Baumgartner” dominate three out of the four individual sources taking blogs, forums and Twitter. “Livejump” and “Red Bull” lead in the news.

When you break it down by popularity, you can see that both searches were equal up to October 8. After that, “livejump” and “Baumgartner” took the lead with 17,136 tweets versus 12,381.


When it comes to countries, Red Bull has more traction in the United States.

Baumgartner has more name recognition in the United Kingdom when compared to Red Bull. In the United States, Red Bull has more name recognition. The same goes for Spain but not Mexico.

What can we learn from this? If Red Bull wanted to get more traction  in the social media space for this event, especially on Twitter, then perhaps they could have used a different hashtag, one that incorporated Red Bull into it – #redbulllivejump perhaps?

Baumgartner’s jump was cancelled on October 9 due to high winds. It currently has not be rescheduled as yet.