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The Difference Between Search And Social Media Chatter

Well, the year is almost finished. That means it’s time for everyone and their mother to start releasing their “best of the year” lists. One of my favourites of these lists is the Zeitgeist that Google releases, which documents what the world searched for the most over the past year.

This list got released yesterday and had some interesting things in it. But I was most interested in the top 10 searches world-wide, which looked like this:

When I saw this list, it got me thinking about if social media chatter was reflective of what people also searched for. So using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, I thought it would be interesting to compare the two.

I pulled up social media chatter for the top 5 world-wide searches and found that there was definitely differences. Just to note, when I did my search through social media I tried to keep my searches as close to how Google listed their top 5 searches. For example, when searching for the iPad 3 I only searched for variations of “iPad 3″ and not “new iPad” as it is sometimes referred to, or I searched for variations of “Hurricane Sandy” and not just “Sandy”.

The results that I found were quite different from Google’s. In fact, the only search that kept it’s same place between both lists was Diablo 3 in the fifth position. In my results Gangnam Style was the most talked about in social media out of the five, while it came in second on Google’s list. Here is the order of results as by social media chatter:

I then looked at the mentions of each of these search terms for when they were being mentioned. This also wielded some very interesting results. Whitney Houston was talked about the most on the day of her death in February and then trailed off throughout the year. The iPad 3 was getting a lot of talk leading up to the big announcement about its release and then continued to be talked about for a long time after it was released to the public. Possibly the most interesting in this chart is to see how Gangnam Style was talked about. Gangnam Style started to be noticed around the beginning of August but didn’t peak until September. It then seemed to have remained a popular topic all the way up to today.

Lastly, I broke the comparison down by channels. Again, I saw some interesting, but not so surprising results. Hurricane Sandy was talked about the most through online news articles as the media was all over this devastating story. Diablo 3 saw it’s most talk happening in forums as gamers are notorious for talking and sharing gaming tips and tricks through forums and message boards. Whitney Houston came out on top in blogs, while Gangnam Style was all the buzz on Twitter.

It turns out that each of Google’s most searched terms for the year were also popular topics to discuss in social media, but it appears that the two don’t match up. There were some big differences between the way Google’s top five and mine looked. It’s not easy to say exactly why that is, but my guess would be that people talk about what’s interesting at the time in social media, where as search is used more to find information about anything at any time.

Finally, I thought it would be interesting to take a bit of a closer look at each of these searches individually. Below you will find each of the five searches done individually. I provided the activity summary for each search, which shows how many times each term got mentioned and where, a popularity graph to show when throughout the year each term was being discussed and a word cloud so we can see what was being said about each term.

Whitney Houston

Gangnam Style

Hurricane Sandy

iPad 3

Diablo 3

What do you think about these results? Why do you think that social mentions and Google searches don’t match up? Let us know in the comments.

Hurricane Sandy, the Tweeting Hurricane

By now you’ve surely heard about Hurricane Sandy that has swept over the eastern side of North America causing flooding and terrible damage in her path. You also probably saw social media lighting up with talk of the hurricane over the past few days. Well, that wasn’t just your imagination.

Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, I quickly ran a search to see just how much social media activity has been happening around the storm. Since Sunday until this morning I found over 6.2 million mentions across social channels.

Taking a closer look at blogs about Sandy, we can see that 70% of blogs written about the hurricane came from the United States, which isn’t very surprising. Interestingly, I also found that both males and females were blogging at a similar pace.

Over on Twitter is where most of the action was happening though. Over the time looked at, there were 5.9 million tweets about Hurricane Sandy. If we break that down, that’s an astounding over 82.000 tweets per hour. As well, I found an exact 50/50 split here of men and women tweeting about the hurricane.

And just what were people talking about? Below is a buzzgraph and word cloud taken from all sources.

As well, I noticed that while the majority of activity was coming from the east coast of the United States, they weren’t the only ones talking. A look at the heat map below shows that people all over the world were tweeting along with those caught in the crazy storm.

It seems that social media played a key role in this event that kept a lot of people glued to their screens. It was used to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, spread news and information, and of course, keep each other entertained.

That’s it for me. I just wanted to share some of these stats with everyone. But now I’d love to hear from you. Were you tweeting about Hurricane Sandy? Did you see anything amazing come though social media in relation to helping people in the storm? Tell us about it in the comments.