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Mentions Gets a Makeover In The New Sysomos Heartbeat

This March we proudly debuted the brand new look that we gave Sysomos Heartbeat to the world. The response to the updated look and feel has been overwhelming and we were glad to hear all the positive feedback that people have been sending us. We were also more than happy to hear how people thought that we could make Heartbeat even better.

We’ve been listening to all of the feedback and are pleased today to introduce an update to the Mentions tab in Sysomos Heartbeat that we think you’re really going to love.

A whole new look and feel

As of today, you’ll notice that we’ve given the Mentions tab in the new Heartbeat a complete makeover that will make viewing all of your social media mentions more appealing to your eye, easier to navigate and even easier to use.

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the new Mentions tab is that it looks completely different. We’ve made mentions even easier to look through and not lose your place by giving it a “mailbox” feel. This new look will allow you to scroll through all of your mentions in a single column on the left hand side, while getting more information about single posts on the right-hand side.

The Beautiful New Look For Mentions in Sysomos Hearbeat

The left-hand column shows you what social channel a post has originated from, such as Twitter, blogs, Instagram and others by way of a corresponding icon. You can also get top-level data about that particular post in this column such as what the article headline is, what the Tweet says and the sentiment around it.

We’ve also added quick use functions in this list column so that you can perform quick tasks like manually changing the sentiment on a post, star a post or reply to a Tweet with ease.

See more, do more

Clicking on a post in the left-hand column will reveal more detail in the Mention’s right-hand column without taking you away from all of the mentions. For example, clicking on a blog post or online news article will reveal the full article. Or clicking on a Tweet will show what the Tweet actually looks like on a beautiful Twitter card.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Mentions From Different Sources

Once you’ve expanded the detail of a social media post, you’ll notice along the top of this column a row of quick actions that you can take perform on the post. These include starring the post, manually changing the sentiment, assigning the post to someone, engaging with the post (currently only for Twitter and Facebook), manually adding a tag to the post, overriding the demographic information and deleting the post. These functions allow you to get more done in less time while looking through all of your mentions.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Quick Actions in the New Mentions Tab

Right below the row of quick actions we’ve also added a quick view of the source details around the post, including their Sysomos Authority Score. But not to worry, if you want more details, they’re just below.

When you first expand the details of a post you’ll be given the full view of that particular post. But you’ll also notice that there is a row of tabs to help you see and do more. Clicking on the Source Details tab will reveal more details about where the post in question originated from, such as traffic details for blogs and online news sites, or bio and follower count information for Twitter.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Source Details for Mentions

The next tab along that row is Workflow which will allow teams to see details on posts about if it’s been assigned to someone and what actions have been taken. And finally, the last tab, Translate will allow you to instantly translate a post on the fly that is not in your native tongue to one of 20 languages so you can read the post without ever leaving the Mentions tab.

Bulk actions

One big feature that we were asked to include in this latest iteration was for users to perform bulk actions on several posts at a time. We’re happy to say that this feature is now part of the new Mentions tab as well. By selecting multiple posts in the left-hand column, or even all posts in the column, users can star, change sentiment, assign to team mates, manually add a tag or delete multiple posts in bulk which will save you the time of having to do this post by post.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Take Bulk Actions With Mentions

The best part of Sysomos Heartbeat’s all new Mentions tab is that you can also use it in conjunction with all of your tags and filters just like you’ve always been able to. So, if you just want to see forum posts associated with a specific tag, that’s all you’ll see.

We hope you enjoy Heartbeat’s new look and actions that you can do with Mentions. If you’re already using Sysomos Heartbeat, reach out to your dedicated account person to learn more or find our documentation and video about it in the support portal.

And if you’re not already a Sysomos Heartbeat user, contact us and we’ll be happy to show you the new Mentions section and more.

Introducing Sysomos Publishing

Monitor, analyze and publish all from within Heartbeat

When we first started, Sysomos focused primarily on monitoring and analyzing everything that is said in social media. Over the years, the social media landscape has evolved beyond simply listening to conversations – people are actively participating in discussions with their customers, peers and influencers. Our users wanted a single, unified platform to do everything in one place, from monitoring to publishing. Today, we are announcing exactly that.Throughout 2012 we released 104 product updates, making Sysomos not only the most advanced social media analytics platform, but also a place where brands can engage their online communities. To deliver a truly holistic, end-to-end social platform, we are releasing our Publishing Tab and Content Calendar.Keep reading to find out all of the great features that are now available with this latest update to Heartbeat.
Content Calendar
All published and scheduled messages are displayed in a user-friendly calendar format that helps your team maintain and stay on top of a well-defined content calendar for weeks at a time. All entries in the Content Calendar are colour-coded based on their status. A list view is also available for printing and exporting.Schedule Messages to Multiple Accounts with Multimedia
You can easily schedule messages to multiple accounts, including Twitter and Facebook, at once. For Twitter, you can also attach images and for Facebook, a customizable multimedia preview is added for URLs automatically.

Customize Time Zone
Each user can select the time zone in which they would like to schedule publishing and view the content calendar. This allows globally dispersed teams to collaborate more easily.

Manage Approvers
For each social channel, including Facebook and Twitter, you can define content approvers. Once this functionality is set up, nothing will be published without first being approved. This allows your larger team to create content, but go through an approval process before actually publishing.

Publishing Stats
Heartbeat’s new publishing section also provides statistics on how much content you are publishing. You can view this report across all social channels or for specific ones individually.

Outlook Integration
The Content Calendar can be easily integrated with your personal Outlook or mobile phone. No more logging in to Heartbeat to see what is scheduled and everything will be automatically synced in the cloud.

Workflow Log
Everything you do is recorded in our Workflow module, making the entire process auditable and accountable.

Best of all, everything is fully integrated in Heartbeat’s existing monitoring and analytics user interface. This means that whether you engage from the Your Heartbeats page, reply from Twitter Engagement Central, or schedule using the Publish page, everything works in unison. For the first time, our users have a fully integrated social platform providing end-to-end functionality.


If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and would like to learn more about our new publishing features, please feel free to reach out to your account manager.

If you’re not a Sysomos subscriber and would like to learn more about the new publishing and other great Sysomos features, feel free to contact us.


UPDATE: Check out our tutorial on how Sysomos Publishing works

Using the Publish Tab from Marketwire on Vimeo.

Engage More with Less Effort Through Sysomos Heartbeat

Introducing Engagement Central in Sysomos Heartbeat

Engaging with your audience has become the main reason that most companies venture into the social space. The problem is that you have one tool for listening, one for publishing to one platform, one for publishing to another, one tool for learning about your fans and followers, and one for reporting. But not anymore. With our latest update to Heartbeat, Engagement Central, Heartbeat becomes your one-stop place to do all of the above. Best of all, there’s no additional cost for this new feature and like all Sysomos software, nothing to download and install.

Researching and engaging people that are talking about your brand doesn’t have to be hard, and we’ve just made it even easier. Keep reading to learn more about the exciting new Engagement Central in Heartbeat.

Heartbeat has always given users the ability to reply to tweets or Facebook posts directly from the tool tips in the Your Heartbeats tab. Our new Engagement Central still gives you an area to do this, but also so much more. You can do more without ever leaving Heartbeat.

Engage, Engage, and Engage

Deep integration with the Sysomos Heartbeat product suite allows effortless engagement from anywhere. You don’t need to have multiple social media tools.

Add Multiple Accounts

Link all of your Twitter accounts and Facebook Fan Pages to Engagement Central to manage them all from a single place.

Post, Reply and Schedule

Send out new messages/updates or reply and comment on an incoming one. integration is available for URL shortening. Schedule tweets for future publication.

Direct Messages and Re-tweets

Send and receive direct messages on Twitter. Follow, unfollow, re-tweet and much more in just a click.

Follower Analytics

Detailed analytics reports based on your followers. See the most authoritative followers or breakdowns by country or gender. Understand your follower’s demographics through our informative visuals.

Workflow and Collaboration

Engagement Central is designed for team collaboration. All actions and outgoing messages are recorded in an activity log. Workflow reporting keeps track of open cases and active assignments.

If you’re already a Heartbeat user and would like further information, or help connecting your Twitter accounts or Facebook Fan Pages to Heartbeat’s Engagement Central, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager.

If you’re not already using Heartbeat but would like to check it out, please feel free to contact us.

Google Analytics is Now Integrated Into Sysomos Heartbeat

For many marketers, Google Analytics is the website analytics software of choice. It’s great for being able to see who’s coming to your site, where they’re coming from, what they’re doing once they are there, when they leave, and a myriad of other actions. While this information is great to have, there is still one question that the software can’t answer:  “How does that compare to how people are talking about us off of our own site through social channels?”

Well, we have some great news for you; today we’re pleased to announce the latest feature to our Heartbeat software, Google Analytics integration. Users can now link their website analytics right into Heartbeat and see their social media metrics next to web visitor data. Best of all, this data — both social and Google Analytics — is updated in real time.

Users can link one or many websites to Heartbeat, like a brand’s global web page, local country pages, or even different campaign pages. For each linked site, you can also choose a specific Heartbeat tag from the social media results to compare against that site’s analytics.

Once you’ve linked a website to your Heartbeat, head on over to the new Google Analytics tab in Heartbeat and you’ll be able to see:

Trends and Comparative Overview
View top-level statistics from both web analytics and social media side-by-side. The line chart here compares the number of visitors to your website against the number of social mentions so you can see correlations between the two.

Country and Location Breakdowns
View who is writing about your company vs. who is actually visiting your website.


Traffic Sources and Search Keywords 
See if traffic to your website is coming from search, referrals or directly. You can also look at your search keywords and see our Sysomos Buzzgraph for each of those terms. The Buzzgraph is a great tool to help with your SEO by finding other words people are using in conjunction with your key search terms.

Traffic Referrals 
See the number of site referrals coming from social sites (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) alongside your top 10 referral sites.

All of the data that can be seen on the Heartbeat Google Analytics tab is also clickable and leads you to more detailed views of the data.

If you’re already a Sysomos Heartbeat subscriber, contact your Account Manager to learn more about this new feature and connecting your Google Analytics account. If you’re not already a subscriber, we invite you to contact us to  learn more.

Sysomos Heartbeat Updates – Advanced Filters, Bulk Sentiment and Highlighting Optimization

Yesterday we made some big updates to Heartbeat, our real-time social media monitoring and engagement software. Some of the key features of this update are:

Advanced Filter System: Heartbeat has always allowed users to stack filters on top of each other to really refine the data you were looking at. The tagging rules let you define different competitors and topics, which can be combined with one or more filters on age, gender, location, source, authority etc. With today’s update we are taking this filtering to the next level by allowing you to combine your filters in any possible combination. You can now slice and dice the data however way you like.

For example, you can now easily do something as complicated as: “BlackBerry Playbook” OR the “Motorola Xoom” that mention Apps OR gaming but only High Authority” (7+)Blogposts” that don’t have “Positive Sentiment” with the new advanced filter interface.

To use these new filtering options just select “Advanced Filter” from the Filter drop-down menu in either the “Your Heartbeats” or “Measure” tabs. As always, you can also set up email alerts and bookmark your filter sets for future reference.

Bulk Sentiment Change: Heartbeat has always allowed you to manually update sentiment of any single posts to positive, negative, or neutral in a single click. Working with large Heartbeat accounts, it can however become cumbersome to update many posts. With our latest update, you can now update the sentiment of up to 100 posts in a single action just like you already could for DeleteStarUnstar, and Close Case for multiple posts. You can also use custom tagging rules to identify positive and negative conversations using your industry specific terms.

To do so, select “Change Sentiment” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Your Heartbeats page. With this change, Heartbeat offers three ways to update sentiment: opening the right most dropdown to edit demographics and sentiment, one-click change by clicking the small sentiment icon, and the new bulk sentiment change.

Highlighting in Your Heartbeats Optimization: We’ve optimized how keywords of interest in posts are highlighted. Heartbeat now highlights the post of interest in yellow based on the tagging rules for just the tags that are assigned to that post. Previously we used either all queries or all tagging rules in the Heartbeat. With this change the highlighting is more relevant and meaningful to the post you are reading.

If you are a Sysomos user and have any questions about any of these new features, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

Look out for more exciting updates around Facebook we have coming very soon.