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Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat Updates: Tweet Life and Spredfast Integration

We’re super excited to tell you about two new features that you’ll be able to find in our software starting today; Tweet Life in MAP and Spredfast Integration in Heartbeat.

Tweet Life

The way that a message spreads can be very important to you. Knowing how your message spreads beyond your immediate network can help make or break the resonance of your message. You can know how many times a message has been retweeted, but wouldn’t it be nice to know which people helped to spread your message the furthest?

Well, as of today, you no longer have to wonder how your tweets are spreading through the Twitter network. Today we’re super excited to tell you about MAP’s latest feature Tweet Life.

Tweet Life shows you the path of a tweet as it spreads. Tweet Life shows you which of your followers retweeted your message, which of THEIR followers retweeted your message, and so on.

Sysomos MAP - Tweet Life Tweet Tree

Tweet Life analytics can be accessed in a variety of ways. The first is to copy the tweet ID directly from a tweet’s URL and paste it into the ID box on the Tweet Life section of Twitter in MAP.

Sysomos MAP - Tweet Life - Analyze A Tweet by Tweet ID

The second way to access the Tweet Life analytics of a tweet is to find a tweet of interest under the Most Retweeted tab of Twitter in MAP and directly under all the tweets that appear on the page, you will have the ability to click a “Tweet Life” link.

Sysomos MAP - Tweet Life via Most Retweeted

So why would you want to see the life of a tweet? Here are just a few examples of how this new great feature can help you:

  • Compare the spread of different Tweets from your own accounts to investigate whether specific language, themes or times of day are most effective for spreading your message.
  • Discover how your message reached, and was spread by, Twitter users who are NOT your followers.
  • Benchmark how quickly your tweets spread to help you find ways to increase the velocity and virality of your social communications.
  • Compare the retweet engagement of your tweets against your competitors and identify the key individuals who are most likely to help your messages spread further.

For more information on how to use, understand and make the most of the new Tweet Life functionality, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Sysomos representative who will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any of your questions.

Spredfast Integration in Heartbeat

Back in June we announced a partnership between Spredfast and ourselves. This partnership would allow Heartbeat users who also have a Spredfast account to send social content found through Sysomos over to the Spredfast engagement platform.

Today, we’re happy to announce that all of the behind-the-scenes work has been completed and Spredfast integration is now live in Heartbeat!

If you’re a customer of Spredfast as well as Sysomos please contact your Sysomos representative who will be happy to help get your Spredfast account setup in Heartbeat.

Once you’re set up, the use couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the tool tip next to a tweet or Facebook post in the “Your Heartbeats” tab of Heartbeat. You will then see a new tab marked “Spredfast.” Under that tab you can reply to both tweets and Facebook posts and retweet tweets. Once you click one of the options a Spredfast window will pop up and allow you to take action. All actions will be recorded both in Heartbeat and Spredfast’s workflow logs for you to see afterwards.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Spredfast Integration

That’s all from us today. But we have a lot more cool stuff that we’re working on and can’t wait to share with you soon.

If you’re already a Sysomos customer and want to learn more about these great new updates, please feel free to reach out to your Sysomos representative.

If you’re not already a Sysomos customer but would like to learn more about these features and Sysomos overall, please feel free to contact us here.

Sysomos MAP and Heartbeat Updates: Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook

Let’s just say we’ve been busy. Very, very busy. 

At Sysomos, we’re always working behind the scenes to make our technology better. Whether it’s delivering greater speed and accuracy, or more data and more potent analytics, our ongoing mission is to provide you with the best social intelligence out there — so that you can make the kinds of business decisions that drive future success. With that in mind, we’d like to share some of the major enhancements we’ve made lately, including the addition of Tumblr to our ever-expanding data set.

We’ve put Tumblr on the MAP. 

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with Tumblr. Today we’re thrilled to announce our all-new Tumblr integration, which gives you the ability to glean insights from the full breadth of Tumblr’s data, has been added to MAP. In fact, you can search for mentions using text-based queries among all eight Tumblr data types — from photos, text, audio and video, to quotes, answers, links and chats. And you can evaluate those mentions using Overall Sentiment, Word Cloud and Buzzgraph analytics. Perhaps best of all, you can get started right now.

Sysomos MAP - Tumblr Search Results

Sysomos MAP - View Tumblr Posts

Sysomos MAP - Tumblr Buzzgraph


You’ll love (not just ‘Like’) more Facebook results in MAP.

Enter search terms as usual and you’ll notice something right away: a lot more Facebook results. Why? We’re now pulling in tons more Facebook data. More data = more results. And that’s the kind of math everyone loves to do.

Run YouTube Analytics without skipping a Heartbeat.

You can now view no less than 17 of the most popular YouTube Channel metrics — including Geographical, Playback, Traffic Sources and Device, as well as Basic and Daily metrics — right from within the Heartbeat platform, without having to log in to YouTube.  All that’s required is a one-time permissions process in which your YouTube Channel administrator (maybe that’s even you) grants Heartbeat access to retrieve the metrics. Here’s a sample of how some of these new metrics will look in your Heartbeat:

Sysomos Heartbeat - YouTube Views

Sysomos Heartbeat - Youtube View Duration By Country

Sysomos Heartbeat - Youtube View Duration by Device


As always, if you’re already using MAP or Heartbeat please contact your account team with any questions.

If you’re not already using MAP or Heartbeat, please feel free to contact us to learn more about these great new updates and our software overall.

Product Updates: Heartbeat Mobile Dashboard and More

It’s been a little while since you last heard from us about product updates, but don’t let that fool you – we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to make Heartbeat and MAP even better – easier to use and more relevant to your work.  Today’s announcements are just a start.

Some of the tricks up our sleeves include new features like in-place query editing in MAP, the ability to “Like” Facebook posts directly from Heartbeat and, most exciting of all, the Mobile Heartbeat Dashboard.

Keep reading for a full list of our latest updates.

Heartbeat Mobile Dashboard

Heartbeat has always been accessible by any mobile device. However, with more and more professionals constantly on the go and using their mobile devices as their primary access to information, we’ve given your Heartbeat dashboard a look more suited to the medium. Now, Heartbeat users can glance at their brand’s dashboard while on the go and quickly view their important information for the past 7, 14 or 30 days in an easy-to-read-and-understand format.

To access your Heartbeat mobile dashboard, simply point your mobile browser to and login.

Heartbeat Mobile Dashboard

“Like” Posts and Comments on Your Facebook Fan Page Directly from Heartbeat

Let’s face it, not every fan post to your Facebook page or comment on one of your posts is going to require a full response. However, it’s always nice to let your fans know that you saw what they did and appreciate it. That’s why we’ve now given you the ability to “like” their actions directly from the Facebook tab in Heartbeat.

Previously, you could leave comments on a post from within Heartbeat, but now we’ve given you the ability to “like” what fans are doing as well. Right beside the post in Heartbeat you will see the thumbs-up symbol from Facebook. Just click on the icon to like the post on your Facebook Fan Page, in turn, showing your fans that you “like” them too.

Heartbeat, Powered By Sysomos - Facebook Engagement

Better Customization for Email Alerts in Heartbeat

Heartbeat’s email notifications are a great way to stay in touch and know what’s happening in social media around your brand. For those of you who use the Daily or Weekly email alerts (either under the “Your Heartbeats” – “Subscribe by Email” link on the bottom of the page OR via “Settings” – “Email Subscriptions”), we’ve given you a new way to get those alerts when you want them the most.

Previously, Daily or Weekly email notifications were only shown in Eastern Standard Time. Well, EST is no longer the standard. You can now customize Daily and Weekly email alerts to come in at the time you want them – such as in your own local time. When you set up a Daily or Weekly email alert now, select the time you’d like to receive the email and then beside it select the time zone in which you live. This way, the email alerts will always come in exactly when you want them to.

Heartbeat, Powered By Sysomos - Customize Email Alerts

Click Through to Your Top Influencers from the Heartbeat Dashboard

Ever want to know more about your brand’s top 5 influencers that you see on the right hand side of your Heartbeat dashboard? Now you can click directly on the influencer and be taken to his or her page, be it a Twitter page, blog, news site or something else.

Heartbeat, Powered By Sysomos - Top InfluencersEnhanced Edit In-Place MAP Queries

It’s never been difficult to edit a query in MAP, but we’ve made it even easier. Now instead of having to click on the “Modify” query button and enter your new query into the text box, you can simply click on the large display of your query and start editing. Just a simple enhancement to make your experience using MAP even easier than before.

MAP, Powered By Sysomos - Edit Queries

That’s all for this round of updates, but keep your eyes out for more amazing updates we have planned in the very near future.

If you’re already a client and want to learn more about any of these new features, please feel free to reach out to your account manager who will be more than happy to help you.

If you’re not already a client, but would like to learn more about these new features or our social media monitoring and analytics software, powered by Sysomos, feel free to contact us here.

Product Updates: Influencer Bio Searches, Google+ Fan Pages and More

Today we have some great product updates and a big announcement

In our continued pursuit of excellence here at Sysomos we have some exciting developments to share with you today. As usual with these emails, we have some great updates to both the MAP and Heartbeat software that we think you’re really going to enjoy. But first, we have something even more exciting to tell you about…

Sysomos is now officially a Twitter Certified Partner!


Being a part of the Twitter Certified Partner Program solidifies the benefit we provide in helping businesses learn and act upon what their customers are saying on Twitter. Being part of this program allows us to take full advantage of the Twitter platform and innovate to solve business needs. Essentially this means that our products will be constantly improving to make sure you are getting the best possible information and insights from Twitter to do your job better.


And now, here’s our latest round of product updates:


Twitter Trends

With brands always looking for ways to benefit from real-time marketing, it’s important for them to know what’s going on and what people are talking about at all times. That’s why we’ve added a new section to both MAP and Heartbeat that shows you what is currently trending on Twitter. These trending topics can be viewed on a worldwide basis, by country or even as specific as major cities around the world. So whether you’re a global, national or local business, you can see what the people who matter to you are talking about.

In MAP, this feature can be found in the left-hand column of the dashboard. In Heartbeat you can find it on the right-hand column of the Twitter tab.

Updated Tutorial Videos

As part of a continued commitment to our clients, you will notice updates to the Help section of both Heartbeat and MAP. In the Heartbeat Help section you can find 11 new tutorial videos and 5 new downloadable cheat sheets. In MAP there are 11 new tutorial videos and 2 new downloadable cheat sheets. The look and layout of the help section in Heartbeat and training section in MAP has also changed to make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for. Continue to watch for more updates in the coming weeks!


Twitter Influencer Bio Search

Not everyone talks a lot about their work or interests on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean they’re not influential to others about those things. With our new Twitter Bio Search you can now search directly in people’s bios for ways they describe themselves.  The Bio Search also allows you to look for people with certain numbers of followers and apply country filters to your search. So now, you can find moms from Toronto with more than 500 followers, but less than 1000. Or you can find dentists in Chicago with over 5000 followers.


Analyze A Google+ Fan Page

With Google+ being the latest social network to get its feet underneath it, it’s important to know what’s happening with your company’s page. Now you can link your Google+ Fan Page directly into your Heartbeat so you can always know exactly what is going on. Just like Facebook and LinkedIn pages in Heartbeat, the addition of Google+ will show you the latest activity on your page, a buzzgraph of what’s being said and the overall sentiment of the page. If you’d like to attach your Google+ Fan Page to your Heartbeat, your account manager would be more than happy to help you do so.

Edit Email Alerts

We’ve made it easier to edit your email alerts that come from Heartbeat. The importance of things that you monitor can sometimes change from not important to very important, or from very important to not so important, so your update frequencies will need to change as well. Rather than starting from scratch on the alert, we’ve made it easy to go in and edit how and when you receive them. Simply go into the Email Subscriptions tab in your Settings and you can quickly change the settings to any of your email alerts.

New User Roles

As social media teams expand within companies, we’ve discovered a greater need for different roles and what they can do in Heartbeat. Because of this we’ve added two new roles that you can assign to people on your team; Supervisor and Director. These are in addition to the roles that already exist; User, Manager and Administrator. These changes can be made in the Manage Users section of Settings.

Sysomos Product Updates: We Snuck In A Few Extras For You Before The Year Ended


Find hashtags, compare Twitter users, add influencers to your media set quicker and more!

Just in time for Christmas! We have a few presents for you, in the form of product updates!

Today we’re very happy to introduce a few new and great features to make both MAP and Heartbeat even better than before. Some of these are features that we’ve received a lot of requests for, while others are a few extra stocking stuffers that we thought you would enjoy.

Some of these new features include:

  • a way to compare two or more Twitter accounts, side-by-side
  • an easy way to see what hashtags are being tweeted in conjunction with your search terms
  • an easier way to interact with your top influencers
  • new publishing permissions for users.

To find out more about these and all the other new updates, just keep reading.

   Top Twitter Hashtags
Our industry-leading text analytics have always been able to tell you what words people are using when they talk about your brand, your competition, or any other search terms you were interested in. But have you ever wondered what hashtags people were using to connect their conversations? Well, wonder no more. We’ve added the ability to pull the top 10 hashtags being used in any Twitter conversation.

You can now see what hashtags are associated with your brand, then use those hashtags to join in their conversation. Or maybe you notice that a #help hashtag is appearing a lot with a search for your company name. You can now know what people are looking for and respond accordingly. Knowing any hashtags associated with your topic of interest will give you a brand new way to make sure you’re on top of  conversations.

To find this new feature in MAP, head over to the Twitter section and find the “Hashtags” tab down on the left-hand side. In Heartbeat, this feature can be found under the Measure tab in the “text analytics” section.

Compare Twitter Users
Have you ever wanted to compare your Twitter handle to your competitor’s? Want to know if your followers also follow someone else? What your followers have in common? What the difference is? With this latest feature in MAP you can now know all of these things.

Simply head over to the Twitter section of MAP and click on the Compare Users tab. Then you can enter up to eight different Twitter handles to compare at one time.  Once you’ve entered the handles you’re interested in, hit “compare.” We’ll show you a breakdown for each account that includes their basic profile information, their authority ranking, the average authority of their followers, how many new followers they receive a month, a word cloud of their followers’ bios and a breakdown of their followers gender and country of origin.

As well, we will show you a venn diagram of how the followers overlap with the first account in your search and information about those overlapping followers.



New Compare Pages
We’ve made some minor updates to MAP’s compare section as well. You can now compare the sentiment of two or more search terms from Twitter, as well as the geography between searches in forums and online news.


Correlation Diagrams
Under the “Compare” tab of Heartbeat, we’ve now given you the ability to compare certain aspects of the terms that you’re already comparing.

For example, let’s say you’re comparing mentions of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts and you want to know how many of their mentions came from Twitter, or from just males, or even what percentage of those mentions were negative. These are only a few of the areas you can compare. You can take a much deeper dive into a number of other areas available in the drop down menu.


Publishing Permissions
There is also a new way to assign publishing permissions from within Heartbeat. Now both Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked directly to a Heartbeat (previously, Twitter accounts were only linked to a specific users’ login). You can then define which team members/Heartbeat users can publish updates to either Facebook or Twitter.

Just head into your Heartbeat’s settings and down to the “Publish Permissions” tab. Choose to allow every user in a Heartbeat the ability to publish, just the Admin users, or just a selected few people.


Influencers and Most Mentions Usability Update
It’s also easier to do things with the users that appear in your Influencers or Most Mentions sections of Heartbeat’s “Measure” tab. If you click on the “edit” tooltip to the right of a user, you can quickly remove the user from ever showing up in the section again, or add them to one of your existing media sets so you can keep a close eye on them.

Lastly, you may have noticed sometimes that when you exported a page as a pdf some charts would occasionaly get caught in the middle of page break. We’ve made sure that isn’t going to happen anymore, so feel safe when creating pdfs for reports again.

If you are already a Sysomos subscriber and would like further information on these exciting new features for Heartbeat and MAP, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager. 

If you are not already a Sysomos subscriber and would like to find out more about MAP or Heartbeat, please feel free to contact us.

Have a wonderful holidays and we’re looking forward to bringing you many more great updates in 2013!

Product Updates: We Tell You The Best Time To Tweet and More

The year may almost be over, but we’re not slowing down.  We have a ton of new features for MAP and Heartbeat that we’ve recently added and are excited to share with you. A lot of these features make your social media data easier to access, view, understand and, of course, give you insights into your online communities.Some of these new features include a way to see when the best time to reach your Twitter followers, quick access to data around spikes in conversations, and aggregated data for companies using multiple Heartbeats. Just keep reading to learn more about these and other exciting updates.
   Best Time To Tweet
Over the years, multiple studies have been done to show when Twitter users are most active. We even released some statistics around this a few years ago. The problem with these stats is that they’re a generalization of the entire Twitterverse, but may not necessarily be true of your specific Twitter audience. As of right now, we have a solution to that problem for you.

Now in both MAP and Heartbeat you can see when a specific Twitter account’s followers are most active. This chart looks at when the account’s followers tweet and colour codes the activity by date and hour. The darker blue a square is, the more activity is happening in that hour. This will give brands the knowledge to know when their communities are most engaged on Twitter, which is likely the best time to tweet to them. The chart will also show you averages for weekdays and weekends.

The Best Time To Tweet chart can be found under the Twitter User Details tab in MAP and the Analyze tab of Twitter Engagement Central.

Highlights of Activity Spikes from Popularity Charts
We’ve made it easier to see what’s causing an activity spike in MAP’s Popularity Charts. Previously, you would highlight an activity spike to narrow in on specific dates and spike, then refine your entire query to look at data from the spike. Now, when you highlight an activity spike in the chart, highlights of that spike appear underneath.

When you highlight an activity spike, we now show you a word cloud and buzzgraph to show you highlights of the conversation causing the spike. As well, the highlights section shows you demographic data about who’s talking to cause the spike.

See More Data Around the Most Retweeted Tweets
Have you ever wanted to know more about who’s retweeting popular tweets? Well, MAP now gives you a way to see more data around the people retweeting. Under the Most Retweeted Twitter tab, hover over a specific popular retweet and you’ll now see options to click on more information about the Reach of the tweet in question and the Demographics of the retweeters.

Analyze A LinkedIn Page
MAP now gives you the ability to analyze the activity on any companies LinkedIn page. This could be your page, a competitors, or any company you might be interested in knowing more about. Simply put in the company’s LinkedIn page’s URL and click analyze.

MAP will then bring up information around what’s happening on that page. You’ll see information around how many people follow that page, number of posts, number of likes for posts, product information and recommendations, latest updates, a word cloud of the activity on the page and sentiment.

New CSV Formatting
Content search CSV exports will be updated to a new enhanced format on Friday, November30th. Currently, different media sources each have their own format for content CSV exports. With this update, a single unified format will be used across all sources when exporting search content. New CSVs will also include local time in addition to EST timestamps.

If you are not ready for the new CSVs, you can temporarily switch back to the existing format by navigating to the Settings page. The current format will be available till Jan 31, 2013 for compatibility before being retired.


New Activity Summaries for Click-Throughs on Charts
On the Heartbeat dashboard we give you a high view of all the information that you can find as you make your way through the platform. But sometimes you want that information even faster. We heard you ask, and have now made all the charts in the dashboard clickable to take you to a summary page for that specific information.

For example, if you notice a spike in Twitter activity for a certain day on your dashboard, simply click on that spike in the activity summary and you’ll be transported to a summary page for that information. The summary page will show you a 24-hour breakdown of the Twitter activity on that day. You will also find other Sysomos leading analytics, such as sentiment and text analytics, for the specific data you’re looking at on the summary page.

More Aggregated Data for Heartbeat Enterprise View
Some of the larger brands that we work with require more than one Heartbeat to keep track of all their data. That was why earlier this year we released Heartbeat Enterprise View. As of today, it’s now easier to see all the information you need from these multiple Heartbeats together in one place.

First, we have updated the Enterprise View measure page. You can now compare your Heartbeats side-by-side to see how different aspects of your social business are stacking up. In addition to this, we’ve also given you the ability to see the information from multiple Heartbeats combined.

Second, we have added advanced filtering to the Enterprise View measure tab. This means that you can get very specific with the aggregated data that you’re looking at. For example, you can now look at the data from multiple Heartbeats together, but only in the USA and all data but not Twitter.

Lastly, we’ve also updated the email updates for Enterprise view. You can now get email updates sent to you that compare your multiple Heartbeats, or see all the data combined right in your inbox.

If you are already a Sysomos subscriber and want to learn more about any of these updates, please don’t hesitate to contact your account reps.

And if you’re not a Sysomos subscriber but would like to learn about these and other features of MAP and Heartbeat, please feel free to contact us.

Heartbeat Product Updates: Better Engagement and Publishing for Your Facebook Fan Page

We’ve added even more features to help you engage, publish, report and keep an eye on your Facebook Pages

At Sysomos, we’re committed to building software that makes your life easier. Because of this, we’ve given our Heartbeat platform an update to make your social engagement even better.

We’ve completely revamped the Facebook Page Central section of Heartbeat to give you a better way to engage your fans and a much more robust way to measure the activity on your page.  We’ve also added a new feature to our Engagement Central for Twitter.

We’ve tried to give you a much richer experience in how you interact with and measure your Facebook Fan Page. These updates include a way to make multimedia posts look even better, an improved way to breakdown your Facebook page insights, an easier way to find and report on your most popular posts, and the same measurement and analysis tools you’ve come to expect from Sysomos.

Customize Your Multimedia
In order to make Facebook posts from within Heartbeat even easier, this latest update brings the ability to preview and customize how your media looks in your wall post. This feature mimics the functionality found when posting directly in Facebook, but it can now be done without leaving Heartbeat to see how the media looks. This action will also be tracked through the workflow so you can track everything happening on your fan page.

Facebook Insights Metrics On Top of Our Standard Sysomos Facebook Analytics
The Facebook tab of Heartbeat used to give you a set of analytics that were uniquely different to those given from Facebook Insights. However, in order to make your job easier, we’ve changed that so you no longer have to check two places for your page’s analytics. Just Heartbeat. Heartbeat now shows data directly from your Facebook Insights, such as:

  • Page views and engagement levels

  • Individual post analytics including; total views, fan views, viral views, likes and comments

  • Fan growth

  • Top fans

  • Fan demographics

  • And more!

Send Your Fans Private Messages from Heartbeat
Facebook recently gave brands the ability to interact privately with their fans through private messages. Now you can respond to all the private messages sent to your brand right through Heartbeat. Simply head over to the Messages tab to see all your private messages, click on the one you’d like to respond to, type your response and hit send. It’s just that simple.

An Easier Way to Figure Out Which of Your Posts Are Working Best
An important part of any content strategy is knowing what works and what doesn’t. Instead of combing through all your posts to see their performance, the new Top Posts tab simplifies that process. See all the interactions among your recent posts or sort to see the top posts for the metrics that matter most to your goals. You can sort posts by total and unique views, total and unique fan views, total and unique viral views, most engaged posts, post that receive the most negative actions, most commented on and most liked posts. These metrics will give you a great sense of what your audience likes and doesn’t like to help you make better decisions on the type of content they want in the future.

Add Images to Your Tweets
Images help you communicate more in a really simple way. Images have also been shown to increase engagement with audiences more than just words. That’s why we’ve now given you the ability to easily add an image to your tweets from anywhere in the system. Whether you’re in Engagement Central or just replying to a tweet from the Your Heartbeats tab, simply click the Add Image button underneath the tweet box, browse through your files to find the right image and hit OK. Your image will then show up in your tweet under Twitter’s own picture format of

If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and have any questions about these new features, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to your account manager.

If you’re not already a Sysomos subscriber and are interested in learning more about these features and others from us, please feel free to contact us.

A New Language Added To Sentiment Analysis, Twitter Approval Process, Plus More MAP & Heartbeat Updates

We’ve had a busy summer coming up with some great new features to help you analyze, report and collaborate better.

While some of you may have been out enjoying the sun and heat over the past few months, the Sysomos team has been hard at work. Today we’re pleased to tell you about some of the great new updates we’ve released for both the MAP and Heartbeat platforms.This latest update has added the Portuguese language to our sentiment engine. We’ve also added features that make collaborating with a large team even easier. As well, we’ve added some new analytic graphs to help you get even more detailed information for your reporting.


   Sentiment Can Now Be Analyzed in Portuguese
This year we’ve been expanding the language capabilities of our industry leading sentiment analysis engine. So far we expanded past just English to also include French, Spanish, and German. Well, today we’re excited to tell you that both MAP and Heartbeat can analyze sentiment in Portuguese. That brings us to a total of four new languages this year.
View Trends of a Twitter Account’s Followers
It’s important to understand how Twitter accounts grow or shrink over time. This is important to know for the accounts you own, your competitors accounts, or just any account you might currently be interested in. With this new update we’ve added two new graphs to help you visualize Twitter account growth (or loss). The first graph is a standard line graph that plots out an accounts number of followers. If you hover your mouse over the line graph, you’ll be able to see the exact date and the number of followers the account had that day. This chart is available in both the Analyze A Twitter Account tab as well as the Source Details tooltip in both MAP and Heartbeat.The second chart is only available in Analyze A Twitter Account tab of MAP and Heartbeat and shows a bar graph that details the number of followers gained or lost for a specific day. As well, the area beside the graph tells you the three days in which the account gained the most followers. These dates are clickable so you can dive deeper into what happened that day and understand what caused that gain.
Heartbeat Bookmarks Redesigned for Teams

Bookmarking has always been an important feature in Heartbeat, so that you can find the information most important to you with only one click. However, with the growing size of social media teams, some information is only relevant to certain team members. That’s why we’ve introduced a new way to make bookmarks. Now bookmarks can be set for only certain team members and not others.To utilize this new feature, head over to the Bookmarks tab under Settings in your Heartbeat. Create a name for your team’s folder, check off the members of your team you’d like to add, and click Create New Folder. Then, go back into Heartbeat and set up the page you’re interested in with the tags and filters it needs and click the star in the upper right hand of the page. You can now name the bookmark, but by also deselecting the Public option (which allows everyone with access to that Heartbeat to see the bookmark) you will now see a drop down menu with all the team names you’ve created to assign that specific bookmark to. Choose the team and click save. Now only those team members will be able to see those bookmarks.

An Approval Process for Tweets
Another great new feature for teams is the ability to send tweets through an approval process, before they go live to Twitter. This feature will be handy for teams that need to get a manager’s or legal’s approval before a tweet can be sent out to the public. Adding a manager (or someone else that needs to approve a tweet) can only be done by your Sysomos Account Manager, so please speak with them if you wish to use this new feature. Once they’ve been added, this person can then approve or reject a tweet by finding it under the Queue tab of Engagement Central or by doing so through an email they will receive as soon as the tweet has been set. The email feature will be great for managers on the go as they don’t even need to log into Heartbeat to approve or reject the tweet. 

A New Popularity Chart
The last feature we have to tell you about today is the upgrade we’ve made to Popularity Charts. Right now, this upgraded Popularity Chart is only available under the Compare tab of MAP, but will soon be available wherever the charts are found across the tool.These updated Popularity Charts will allow you to hover your mouse over the chart to find an exact date and see the popularity (number of mentions) of your query for that specific day.
If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and would like more information about any of these exciting new features, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager. If you’re not already a Sysomos subscriber and would like to learn more about our software, feel free to contact us here.

Sysomos MAP & Heartbeat Updates: Social Footprint, Aggregated Analytics and Scheduled Tweets

If you’re a Sysomos subscriber you may have noticed over the past two weeks some new and exciting features trickling into the software. Today we want to highlight some of the big features that we think people will be very excited about in our MAP and Heartbeat platforms.

Social Footprint: The ability to connect the dots between where people are and what they do online is becoming more and more important. Being able to connect a Twitter account to the blog they write can come in handy when trying to contact people in many different situations like finding and talking to influencers or when dealing with a crisis situation. Users will now be able to connect these dots in both MAP and Heartbeat with Social Footprint. Social Footprint will allow users of MAP and Heartbeat to connect the author of posts viewed in the system to their other accounts around the web on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube,, LinkedIn, Quora, Foursquare and many others.

In order to view an authors Social Footprint just click on the second tab beside an individual post (the one that looks like a person) and both MAP and Heartbeat will pull up the author’s other online profiles.




Aggregated Analytics: Previously in MAP most data was available by individual mediums, but sometimes you want to know the big picture across more than one network. MAP now allows users to view data from more than one source at the same time. You can now view data such as sentiment, geography, word clouds and buzzgraphs across multiple channels at the same time.

These new data sets can be found on the right hand tab of the MAP dashboard. Users can select to look at the data from all sources or just the ones of interest at the time; such as blogs and Twitter, but not news or forums. Simply select the channels you’d like to aggregate the data from at the top of each page and click apply.





Scheduled Tweets: We all know that it’s hard to be in front of a computer all day long, but that doesn’t stop the need for information to go out at certain times. This is why we’ve introduced the ability to schedule tweets right from within Heartbeat. Simply navigate to the Twitter tab in Heartbeat and find the “Post a Tweet” section under the user profile. Enter your tweet into the box then select if you want to post the tweet immediately or at a future time. If you want to schedule a tweet for a future time select the date, then the time and then click “Post Status Update.” It’s that simple.

Those are just a few of the exciting updates that we’ve recently released. Some other updates now in MAP and Heartbeat include:

  • A cleaner look and UI for YouTube search in MAP
  • You can now remove words from the buzzgraph in Heartbeat just as you could previously in MAP
  • Detailed Entity reports in Heartbeat under the Text Analytics tab
  • The ability to email PDF’s of reports directly from Heartbeat
  • And secure HTTPS logins for both MAP and Heartbeat

An email containing details about these and other features will be coming out to all MAP and Heartbeat subscribers, but if you ever have any questions about updates please reach out to your account manager who will be more than happy to tell you more and teach you about all of our updates.

We have even more great updates scheduled to be released very soon, so stay tuned!

Sysomos Product Update: Gender Analysis for Twitter and Facebook

Once again, we at Sysomos are pleased to bring you another big and unique update to both our MAP and Heartbeat software.

Unlike many of the other social networks, Twitter users are not asked to reveal their gender. On Facebook, users identify themselves as male or female, but that information is not publicly accessible. However, people who are trying to reach specific target audiences still want this information. So, over the weekend we updated both MAP and Heartbeat to include a new analysis feature that will help identify the gender for Twitter and Facebook users in an easy to read graph.

How are we able to do this? We spent a long, long time creating a database of names. Our list contains common names in English and many languages from around the world. In addition to just reading names, our latest analysis feature looks for clues in a user’s profile and content. There always are cases where a machine can not judge if a user is male or female, e.g., ambiguous names or brands. In a case like the name Jamie, which could belong to either a male or female, we look for clues in their profile like “mother of 3″ to determine that this Jamie is a female. We have tuned our algorithm to be conservative such that it makes almost no mistakes. Using disclosed names along with clues from user profiles and content, it is able to accurately classify two users out of three, with the remaining one-third being marked as “don’t know”.

This latest update is one of the most unique in the entire industry, especially with such a high level of accuracy. We think that everyone using our software to accurately approach and/or research their target audiences will find this feature extremely useful.

As always, if you are a current Sysomos subscriber and have any questions about our latest updates, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

Keep your eyes here on the blog for more updates coming in the future.