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[Royal] Baby Talk

Yesterday, like most days, a baby was born. But this was no mere baby. This baby is to be the next heir to the royal throne.

Yes, after months of talk (9 to be exact) Kate Middleton gave birth to the unnamed Prince of Cambridge. As one can imagine, the royal event caused quite a stir around the world. This echoed true into the world of social media as well. Millions of mentions about the royal baby were made on social channels just yesterday alone.

Of course, we were able to capture a lot of the data around the birth of the royal baby using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software. We’d like to share some of that data with you today.

Using the search terms ((baby OR son OR boy) AND (royal OR prince OR duchess OR kate)) OR royalbaby, we found 3.2 million mentions over the past week.

In fact, 3 million of those mentions came between yesterday and this morning alone. In that day and a half we found 14,153 blog posts, 21,605 online news articles, 9,412 forum postings and 3,004187 tweets about the royal baby.

The amount of talk that occurred yesterday is actually quite extraordinary. Fans of the Royals were on baby watch all week, but the amount of talk yesterday out shadowed anything that came before. A look at the mentions over the past week shows that the spike in conversation that occurred yesterday make it look like there was no talk at all before it.

Looking at the tweets alone in that same day and half time frame, we can see that the royal baby was talked about in 62,587 tweets every hour. We also found that women were more abuzz about the birth than men, accounting for 57% of all the tweets. As well, it was interesting to note that more tweets about the royal birth came from the United States (33.7%) than the UK (32.4%) where the royal family hails from.

But it wasn’t just the UK and the United States getting in on the royal baby talk. A breakdown of mentions by country shows that they were the top two countries mentioning the birth across social channels. Respectivly, the United States accounted for 33.1% and the UK for 18.2% of all the conversations. But other countries were buzzing about the birth as well. China had great interest and accounted for 9.3%, followed by France (5,7%), Australia (4.8%) and Canada (4.3%).

It looks even more impressive when we use a heat map to plot out where all the royal baby tweets were coming from.

A look at some text analytics from our buzzgraph and word cloud show that the conversation was quite generic. Words appearing most in the social conversations included “Prince” “William” and his wife and new baby momma “Kate” “Middleton”. Along with them other generalities about the new prince being the “royal” “baby” “born”  as the latest heir to the “throne”.

However, as usual, the most retweeted tweets are where the fun is. We usually see jokes being some of the most retweeted tweets of any event and this one is no different. Only two of the top six retweeted tweets were serious in nature. The others were all jokes. One a Lion King joke and two of Harry Potter origin.

There’s no sign that any of the royal baby talk will slow down anytime soon either. Apparently the next heir to the throne is a very big deal that gets people talking.

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. World on Royal bump watch.

The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting. Once the news was announced, it felt like the social space exploded with royal baby comments, maternity from Alexander McQueen and the Duchess’ illness. So of course we’re going to write about it.

Royal watchers have been waiting for the Duchess of Cambridge to get pregnant for almost two years and now that the announcement has been made, let’s see what’s going on. I searched using “Kate Middleton” AND “pregnant” AND “Duchess” AND “baby” and took a look at the last two days.

You would expect a lot of tweets but there were only 1,009 mentions using our search terms.

The primary source of tweets comes from the United States. The US media has been obsessed with covering the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and were ready to leap on the announcement of the pregnancy.

As we can see from the blogs, more than half the blogs about the Royal pregnancy come from the United States (cue jokes about them being obsessed with royalty.)  After the US, the next county is the UK, which makes sense, then other followed by most countries in the Commonwealth such as Canada and Australia, which has the Queen as head of state, and India, which is part of the Commonwealth.

When we look at the BuzzGraph, the most common words were “hyperemesis,” “gravidarum” and “Cambridge.” The Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which was probably the most looked up word yesterday.

Now if you really want to follow news about the royal pregnancy on Twitter, then you need to follow the hashtag #RoyalBaby. When I did a search using the hashtag, there were 192,163 tweets in the last two days averaging 4,003 an hour. This time, most of the tweets came from the UK.

The blogs skewed towards the US with 45.1 per cent talking about the #RoyalBaby:

Now that the media is on royal baby watch, that’s the next seven to eight months of US, Life & Style, and Daily Mail coverage sorted. Some of the words to expect in their coverage can be seen in the WordCloud: