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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Makes A Lot of Buzz On Its Launch

Last Thursday night the world got it’s first look at what Samsung has been calling #TheNextBigThing, the Galaxy S4 smartphone. It’s predecessor, the S3, is currently the most popular Android phone on the market and people have been waiting to see what Samsung was going to do next. It’s a pretty nifty phone with some pretty interesting features, but I won’t go into all of that here (besides, some of the upcoming text analytics do that for me).

The talk of the S4’s release was going strong in the tech circles, but I wanted to see how much of a buzz overall the phone was creating. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, I did a search for mentions of the new Samsung phone over the past week and found 1.1 million mentions. There have been 40,061 blog posts, 52,232 online news articles, 72,144 forum postings and 982,911 tweets about the S4.

I also looked into videos made about the phone as people like to see actual demonstrations of new phones (and other tech). In the last week there has already been 27,023 videos made about the S4. That’s quite the large number considering that the world never saw the phone before Thursday night.

With the amount of talk the phone was getting from some of my friends and people I follow in social media, I suspected that everyone has been talking a lot. When I looked at those 1.1 million mentions spread out over time, it turned out that world talked a lot about the S4 on the day of its debut and the following day, but then returned to a much lesser conversation level.

The phone did have the entire world talking though. A look at where all of the social media talk about the S4 was coming from shows that the United States created the most talk at 19.2%, but a lot of other countries were making a decent amount of chatter. China made the second most amount of mentions at 9.2% followed by the UK with 7.3%. A lot of other countries made up about 3% respectively of the chatter such as Taiwan (3%), France (3.3%), Canada (2.9%) and Indonesia (2.8%).

I pulled up a buzzgraph to see what people were talking about in regards to the S4 and found that features were the main topic of conversation. People were talking about the insides of the phone; such as the “Exynos” 5 “Octa” or  “Qualcomm” “Snapdragon” chips inside the phone (different markets will have different insides to the phone). I also found people talking about the “5-inch” “AMOLD” (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) “screen”. I also saw their main competition, “Apple’s” “iPhone” being mentioned a lot when people talked about the S4.

The people talking sure seemed to like the Galaxy S4 though. A look at the sentiment around the new phone shows only 15% of the conversation was negative, while a whopping 46% was positive.

What people really want to know though, is if this phone is going to be an “iPhone killer”? While there’s no way to tell just yet, as the public won’t get their hands on an S4 until at least April 24th (or so it’s rumored), we can still see which phone is getting more buzz currently. It turns out that even in the wake of big launch, the iPhone still dominates the public’s minds and conversation. The iPhone consistently has had more mentions than the S4 over the past week. We can even see that on the day of the S4’s launch, when the conversation spikes, iPhone mentions spike along with it, due to everyone trying to compare the two phones.

So, did the Samsung Galaxy S4 get a good buzz for it’s launch? I would say so. But will it be enough to elevate it above the iPhone? Only time will tell, but it doesn’t look that way at the current moment.

Samsung’s Shines with Social Savviness

There are many great brands in the digital world. Many of them not only understand social media’s reach and power, but also understand how to best implement and utilize the tools at their disposal.

Most important, these are brands that digital marketers, advertisers and PR practitioners can and must learn from.

Now, you may not have the power and money that some of these brands, but in many cases it comes down to the right strategy, team and effort.

If you are a big brand and have the resources, then it is even more vital that you look to other organizations who have made a mark in the digital arena.

In the past few years, Samsung has done a great job of growing within in a crowded market that includes Apple as a key competitor. While other brands have lost relevancy, Samsung continues to get stronger. Social media and the web has played a large part in this.

Not only does Samsung have a diverse and strong Facebook presence for their mobile products, cameras and also for different global markets, they also create wonderful content that gets noticed. If fact, it seems they really emphasize great content.

This brilliant viral video has garnered over three million hits, and shows an effective way to connect with online audiences.

Samsung never rests on its laurels, and neither should you. Build a strategy, build a team and get to work in social media.


INFOGRAPHIC: Social Olympic Champions – Athletes & Brands

The Olympics are over. The medals have all been won. The ceremonies have all been held. The tweets have all been tweeted.

What was known as the first ever social Olympics has come to a close. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this year’s Games was the most social worldwide event ever. People took to all social networks to join in on the conversation. And it wasn’t just people that took advantage of the social media chatter, but brands as well. So who was being talked about most?

Working with our friends at Banyan Branch, we analyzed the social talk around the top athletes and the official Olympic sponsor brands by finding them in Olympic conversations or along side the #London2012 hashtag. We sifted through all this data to declare the gold, silver and bronze winners over the course of the Olympics. And of course, we put our results into an infographic for you to enjoy.

For the athletes, Michael Phelps garnered the most social talk, followed closely by Usain Bolt and then Gabrielle Douglas. For the brands, P&G ran away with the gold. In a distant second place was Coca-Cola followed by Visa. We also dug a bit deeper into these mentions of top athletes and brands to see who was talking about them. One of the most interesting things we found was how different ages talked differently about brands associated with the Olympics. The average age of people talking about Samsung came in at 29, but the average age of people talking about Acer was 42 years old.

Take a look at some of the other stats below. Are you surprised by anything you see? Let us know in the comments.