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The Web Goes Social

Our use of the internet continues to evolve and social media dominance of our time online continues to grow.

According to a survey by GlobalWebIndex,Canadians devote 25% of their online time to social media sites — that’s 1.21 hours a day.

Overall, an estimated 17.7 million Canadians use social media sites at least monthly. News sites took second place with 13%  of Canadians’ online time or 0.63 hours a day. Online TV and radio took 11% and 9% respectively, while blogging and microblogging collectively consumed 15% of total time online.

Not surprisingly Facebook tops the list when it comes to social media consumption, capturing an impressive 93.9% of social media users.

But social media’s true power lies beyond the numbers: all other online pursuits included in this time-use survey can be tied into social media. Many of us get linked to news stories via sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

But these sites also allow conversations about crises, politics and celebrities as well as debates over the merits of the quality of the story itself.

The watching of TV, meanwhile, is seeing a rise online, while the live tweeting of popular TV events has become a new trend in watching the medium.

And what’s the biggest driver of blog readership? Social media posts.

Clearly, social media has attracted a growing number of eyeballs online. That growth has yet to peak as more social sites come onboard and capture the imagination of the public.

But truly, the medium’s real power lies in its ability to touch just about everything happening on the vast electronic expanse of the Web.

Calling All Community Managers – We Need Your Help

This post originally appeared on the Marketwire Blog, but we could use all the help we can get, so we’re reposting it here for a different audience.

Community managers are becoming a big part of most brands’ communication and marketing teams. Over the years we’ve seen this role expand from just a few companies to almost any company that has an online presence. Not that online dealings are the only thing a community manager is charged with, but in today’s online economy, the online aspect does play a huge role.

But don’t let me tell you what a community manager should or shouldn’t be (even though I’ve been doing it for a few years myself). We actually want to know your thoughts on being a community manager.

Today we’re happy to tell you that we’ve teamed up with in preparation for Community Manager Appreciation Day (which is coming up on January 28th). On Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) we want to release an ebook on thoughts, tips and advice about being a community manager and we want your help to populate it.

Below is a link to a survey that we’re asking community managers to fill out so we can highlight you and your thoughts on being a great community manager. It’s not long, only about 7 questions, and would greatly help us, and your fellow community of community managers. So, if you’re a community manager, please take a few mins to fill out the survey.

Even if you’re not a community manager but you know one (maybe a friend, a colleague, a person behind a brand’s Twitter profile that you love talking to) please pass this along to them.



Thank you in advance and we’re really looking forward to seeing your responses!

We’ll also be sure to alert you when we release the ebook on Community Manager Appreciation Day.

The deadline to complete the survey is by the end of Wednesday January 23rd, so if you’re planning to fill out the survey we ask that you please do it sooner than later. Thanks!

Are You Bored With Social Media?

Like anything new, the novelty seems to be wearing off social media.

According to a recent Gartner survey that asked nearly 6,300 people between the ages of 13 and 74 about their use and views of social media, 24% said they are using their favourite social media services less than when they initially joined, while 37% of respondents, particularly younger and more tech-savvy ones, are using their favourite social media services more.

“The trend shows some social media fatigue among early adopters, and the fact that 31% of Aspirers [younger, more mobile, brand-conscious consumers] indicated that they were getting bored with their social network is a situation that social media providers should monitor, as they will need to innovate and diversify to keep consumer attention,” said Brian Blau, research director at Gartner.

Geographically, the survey found that in mature markets such as Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. about 40% of respondents using the site more than when they first started, 40% using it the same amount, and 20% using it less. Among the countries in which social media is being used less were Brazil and Russia — both with 30% to 40% of respondents showing less interest.

The Gartner survey is definitely interesting but it’s not terribly surprising. It illustrates that social media is no longer new and shiny. Instead, it’s becoming part of the landscape. This isn’t a bad development but simply a reflection that as any technology evolves, its usage by different kind of people changes as well.

For younger people, social media has staying power because it becomes an integral part of how they live their lives, communicate with friends and consume content. For tech-savvy people, social media provides tools to make them more efficient and productive, while being fun to use.

For everyone else, social media usage can go either way depending on how relevant it becomes after the initial novelty factory disappears. For some, social media sticks because it offers them something of value. For others, they discover there is less of a need for social media in their personal and professional lives.

Perhaps the biggest message the Gartner survey delivers is social media usage isn’t ubiquitous. There are many people who have no or little interest in social media because there is no role for it. For those of us close to the social media “fire”, this reality can be difficult to appreciate but it reflects the old adage of “different strokes for different folks”

Are you suffering from social media fatigue?