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A Lesson from Drake and “The 6”: The Connection Between OOH Advertising and Social Media

Back in September, I wrote an article discussing the connection between OOH (out-of-home advertising, like billboards) and word-of-mouth (social) activity. In the post, we examined the performance of a mysterious billboard – one that provided barely any information, but went viral almost instantly. People from the city of Toronto starting sharing pictures of the billboard…

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The Next Wave of Social Intelligence

The world of social media intelligence is rapidly changing. Where we were as a company when we first started in 2007, the landscape looks nothing like it does today in 2016. We know our customers need more than social media monitoring tools, which is why we’ve worked feverishly in the last year to bolster our…

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Super Tuesday Prediction Time!

Since we last tried to analyze social data to predict the New Hampshire Primary, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both begun to cement their status as front runners in their respective races. While both candidates have question marks in advance of the general election, Super Tuesday will go a long way to determine if…

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