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Prove Social Media’s Business Value

Social media is a lot of things to a lot of people, but at the end of the day it needs to impact your bottom line.

It’s amazing there are still people who believe social media still needs to prove its worth. It seems the only way it can do this is by directly making money.

For every digital marketer, PR practitioner or community manager, you have to see the greater value which lies in branding, connecting and engaging with your audience and communicating key messaging.

Of course, we’ve learned that when done right, these all positively impact the bottom line. In fact, they impact it for the long run.

The onus is on you to convince your organization that social media is the most worthy of investments when it comes to time and money.

The ability to leverage a digital audience for a campaign or promotion is immensely valuable. The time needed to build and engage the audience might seem daunting or difficult at first, but it is anything but.

The lens in which we look at business value has changed because of social media. Your digital strategy must reflect the changing landscape, and you must teach those around you the new way to measure business success and failure.