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Algorithms and Ad-Blocking: Why Influencer Marketing Is As Important As Ever

The tides of social marketing are an ocean of constant change. Between constant buzzwords being thrown out such as artificial intelligence, content marketing, influencer marketing, customer service, there’s so much that keeps marketers on their toes. In March, Instagram made headlines by telling the world that the uber-popular social network based on images was going to ‘go…

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How Many People Use Social Media?

You already know that social media is here and growing all the time. That said, it’s important to keep track of some of the specific data regarding the different social networks; it allows you to target the right social networks and plan more effective campaigns. So let’s take a look at some recent developments in social media…

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Cheat Sheet: 2016 Social Media Video Length

Instagram recently announced that video length is being extended from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. What does this mean for businesses who run campaigns? This move creates a new option for advertising across Facebook and Instagram. Although video publishing on Instagram has been slow to adopt (due to the nature of the channel and user behavior,…

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