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The U.S. Army Gets Pinning

As we all know, Pinterest in the hot, new and fun social media service…and it’s only getting more popular. It is a simple virtual pinboard that doubles as a content aggregator.

You still must request an “invite” to use Pinterest, and there is a whole set of etiquette rules that users must follow. It has broken some of the rules of social media, only to give us something exciting.

This might explain the U.S. Army’s growing use of Pinterest to highlight topics such topics as humanitarian efforts, sports and food. It is using Pinterest to rally support, connect with people, and tell its story outside of combat.

It’s an odd but interesting idea for such a military organization to use social media in this way. Police departments from around the world have taken to Twitter recently to deliver news and bulletins, but this is very different.

Social media is the perfect avenue to put a happy face on something that is seen as corporate or impersonal. It can open up a window into the personalities behind the armor.

The Web lets military bodies and some of the world’s biggest corporations reach large audiences in a slightly skewed or brighter light. The impact should not be overlooked.

The secondary goal of connecting with the families of army personnel is also sincere and compelling. It seems to be aimed at lifting the curtain behind the army that has polarized opinions for many years, if not decades.

It is a strange sight to see the U.S. Army’s presence alongside popular brands on social media, but it is a sight we need to get use to and embrace. I imagine it will only grow from here.

Where the U.S. Army goes next in their marketing and communications is anyones guess, but if they conquer Pinterest, it seems more social media platforms will be on their radar.