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2014 World Series Social Prediction

2014 World SeriesWhile baseball may be known as the sport of the summer, everyone knows that the real excitement doesn’t even start until October.

In October the top teams play and vie for their chance to be in the MLB World Series.

Well, those teams have all played and starting tonight we will all bare witness to the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals kick off their best of seven series to see who will be crowned the 2014 World Series champions.

It promises to be an incredibly exciting series. The Giants have been a powerhouse team for the past few years. This will be their third trip to the World Series since 2010 and they won both of their previous times here. On the other side, the Royals haven’t even made it into the MLB playoffs in 29 years, but battled their way through this year and now have a chance to take it all.

It’s really very exciting.

As we’ve done in previous years, we thought it would be fun to take a look at both of these teams and how they’ve appeared in social media over the 2014 season using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, to see if that data can predict a World Series winner.

First, we started our assessment by looking up mentions of both teams over the course of the season (March 22 to October 20). In that time, we found the Giants mentioned in over 10 million social media conversations. They appeared in 191,057 blog posts, 563,685 online news articles, 279,624 forum postings and 9,737,47 tweets.

Sysomos MAP - Activity Summary for the San Francisco Giants

Meanwhile, the Royals were mentioned in almost 7 million conversations. We found the Royals appear in 80,985 blog posts, 280,674 online news articles, 242,175 forum postings and 6,287,126 tweets.

Sysomos MAP - Activity Summary for the Kansas City Royals

For perspective, we’ve also brought those numbers up as a pie chart for side by side comparison. This shows that out of both teams the Giants lead the way of social mentions with 61% of the conversation while the Royals make up the remaining 39%.

Sysomos MAP - Activity Comparison

As well, side by side in a channel breakdown, you can see that the Giants clearly got more mentions in each individual medium.

Sysomos MAP - Activity Comparison by Source

A look at mentions of both teams shows that throughout the entire season the Giants had a more vocal fan base. The Giants saw more volume of conversation throughout the entire season aside from when the Royals found that they were moving on past the regular season. When the Royals moved into the playoffs there was a huge spike in mentions of the team due to the fact this was the first time they had been in the post-season in 29 years.

Sysomos MAP - Popularity Comparison Over Time

The number of mentions don’t mean everything though. Because of this, we also dove into the sentiment around each team… and actually found some interesting results.

Throughout the season the Royals showed a 83% favourable rating. We found that 27% of the talk about the Royals was positive while 17% was negative.

Sysomos MAP - Overall Sentiment of the Kansas City Royals

When we looked at the sentiment around the Giants though, we found that most of it seemed to be in the neutral range (which was strange, so we ran the query multiple times but always came to the same results). The Giants showed a 96% favourable rating. There was an odd 1% of positive sentiment around the Giants and only 4% negative chatter.

Sysomos MAP - Overall Sentiment of the San Francisco Giants

What does this all mean though?

Well, technically all it means is that the San Francisco Giants have a much more vocal fan base than the Kansas City Royals. In fact, earlier in the season the Royals coach called out the fans for not showing enough support for their team.

However, if we want to use this data to try and predict a World Series winner, we would have to crown the Giants to take it all. Their fans have been more vocal about the team both in terms of volume and favourable talk.

So, our prediction is that the San Francisco Giants will take the World Series over the Kansas City Royals.

But since this isn’t a real science around actual player performance, only time will tell who will really walk away as the 2014 World Series champions.

Who do you think is going to take the World Series this year?

2013 World Series Social Media Program [Infographic]

“Put me in coach! I’m ready to play!”- John Fogarty, Centerfield

For the fourth time in the history of the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox, the two teams will meet in the World Series. Both clubs won 97 games during the regular season and it is the first time since 1999 that Major League Baseball’s two winning teams will meet in the “Fall Classic.”

The national pastime in the United States is fast becoming a worldwide social media pastime, as well. For example, during last year’s World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers, Giants’ third baseman Pablo Sandoval’s three home runs helped generate 813,000 social media comments about Game 1, according to Twitter. Only Game 6 of the 2011 World Series generated more. In fact, the hashtag#WorldSeries was used in 15 percent of all comments.

Below you can review our infographic that rounds the bases on some of the social media super fans for the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, the key players to follow on Twitter as well as the top reporters and bloggers. According to the statistics, Boston has already won in one category: social fans. In Beantown, fans are much more social than their counterparts in St. Louis.

Take a look at the infographic below and let us know in the comments which team you’re rooting for!

2013 World Series Social Media Program - Powered By Sysomos

2013 World Series Social Media Program – Powered By Sysomos

ALCS vs NLCS: Social Talk About The MLB Playoffs

American League vs National LeagueA few weeks ago as the baseball playoffs were just starting we did a post over on the Marketwired blog showing off the social chatter around all eight teams that were heading into the post-season.

Now, the playoffs are done and we’re heading into the World Series. Starting tomorrow the Boston Red Sox will be playing the St Louis Cardinals for the rights to be the 2013 MLB champions. We’ll have some more about these two teams when we put out our Social Media Guide to The World Series.

Today, we wanted to explore which series attracted more social media attention, the American League Championship Series (ALCS) or the National League Championship Series (NLCS). To do so, we looked up the two terms using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software. For this search we decided to leave out the names of the teams playing and just focus on the actual series themselves.

Between the two terms we found over 1 million mentions. However, when we split the two we found that the ALCS was mentioned just slightly more than the NLCS. The NCLS was mentioned 427,406 times across social channels making up 47% of the conversation, while the ALCS was mentioned 490,473 times making up the other 53%.

MAP Powered By Sysomos - Comparison Chart

In fact, when we looked at the social channels broken down we found that the ALCS was talked about more everywhere except for in the news. We found that online news articles seem to have more to say when it came to the National League. And by quite a bit. On blogs, in forums and on Twitter the ALCS was talked about more by up to 10%, but in the news where the NLCS was mentioned more often it was by 16%. It appears there was more “news” to cover on the National League side.

MAP Powered By Sysomos - Compare By Source

We looked at the mentions spread out over the post season as well. What we found here was something interesting. The accronyms didn’t appear the most when each championship was actually won. Instead they appeared the most on the first games of the final rounds of the ALCS and NLCS playoffs. On the first night of the ALCS, the Detroit Tigers almost went an entire night without giving up a hit (they let a single get hit with one out in the 9th). That obviously garnered a lot of attention. The first NLCS game was also an interesting one as it went into 13 innings before the St Louis Cardinals won.

MAP Powered By Sysomos - Popularity Comparison

Finally, we compared the sentiment between the two series. While the ALCS may have been talked about more than the NLCS, they both attracted an equal amount of negative talk. Both the ALCS and the NLCS had 24% of the talk about them show as negative. However, the NLCS had 28% of its conversations show as positive while the ALCS had 24%.

MAP Powered By Sysomos - Sentiment Comparison

The 2012 World Series Social Prediction

Yes, this post is a day late. But let’s just pretend that yesterday didn’t happen. Wednesday hasn’t come yet. The World Series hasn’t started. The Detroit Tigers didn’t get hammered by the San Francisco Giants in game one. It never happened.

Looking back at social media talk for the past month (September 23 – October 23) about the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants, we’ll see if it’s possible to predict a winner for the World Series. (To be fair though, I tried this last year and turned out be wrong)

Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics tool, I compared the overall talk about both teams. In doing this, I found that over the past month the Giants had been talked about slightly more than the Tigers. The Giants received over 2,750,000 mentions accounting for 54% of the conversation, while the Tigers had been mentioned over 2,300,000 times making up the other 46%. In terms of odds, those numbers really aren’t too far from each other.

Looking at a breakdown of those mentions we can see that throughout blogs, forums, online news and Twitter, the Giants were being talked about more than the Tigers.

I then looked at the overall sentiment around each of the teams. Here I found another close call where the Giants seem to come out slightly on top. At first, it seems very close as the Tigers have an overall favourable rating of 78% and the Giants a 79%. When we look a litte close we see that the Tigers have have 22% of their talk being negative, while the Giants have 21%. However, the big difference comes in positive talk as the Giants come in on top with 28% while the Tigers have only 24%.

Detroit Tigers

San Francisco Giants

I tried to dig a little bit deeper to see if there were any tell tale signs in the actual talk happening. While a lot of post-season baseball words occupy both teams word clouds’, there didn’t seem to be any thing that stood out to show one team as having a better chance than the others.

Well, this year seems to be a tight one in terms of social media activity. But, since we’re trying to make a prediction using this data, I would say that the San Francisco Giants seem to have a slight edge. They have been talked about more and have slightly more positive talk around them. Last year, one team seemed to run away in my prediction and then wound up losing, so lets see if this year social stats can show us the world series winner ahead of time.

Social media aside, who do you think is going to win?

The World Series Social Prediction

It’s October, which means it’s time again for The Fall Classic. The World Series of Major League Baseball is already underway with the Texas Rangers playing the St. Louis Cardinals. So far we’re one game into the seven game series and the Cardinals are winning 1-0. Tonight will be the second game. Although the Cardinals are ahead right now, it’s still too early to predict a winner… or is it?

Today i decided to look at talk in social media around the two teams and see if the talk can predict who will win the World Series. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics tool, I took a look at social media talk around the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Using this data we’ll see who the social media world thinks will win the World Series.

First, I pulled up the numbers on how many times the St. Louis Cardinals have been mentioned in social media since September 1st. Since then, they have been mentioned in 704,408 blog posts, 101,007 online news articles, 134,922 forum postings and 382,529 tweets.


Next I looked at the Texas Rangers. In the same time frame the Rangers were mentioned in 85,773 blog posts, 124,762 online news articles, 153,527 forum posts and 763,212 tweets.


If we combine these numbers and look at them side by side we see that talk about the St. Louis Cardinals accounts for only 38% of the share of voice between the two teams while the Texas Rangers make up the other 62%.

Even if we trend that data out over time, we can see that the Rangers have consistently been talked about more throughout the playoffs, except for a couple of occasions when the Cardinals spiked when winning a series on the way to the World Series.

Lastly I looked at sentiment around the two teams. Again we see here that the Texas Rangers seem to be slightly ahead. The Cardinals have 23% negative talk and 21% positive resulting in a 77% favourable rating. Meanwhile the Rangers only have 21% negative talk and 24% positive, giving them a 79% favourable rating.

St. Louis Cardinals

Texas Rangers

Looking at these stats I think it’s easy to say that the Texas Rangers seem to be the social media fan favourite. While the St. Louis Cardinals are currently up in the series, Texas seems to be up in social media. As I said at the beginning of the post, it’s still a bit early to really say who will win the World Series, but I’d say the voices through social media have made their prediction already.

A Focus On: The World Series

With the start of the World Series tonight between the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, we thought it might be interesting to use MAP to take a look at what’s happening within the blogosphere.

Not surprisingly, the most active conversations are focused on the Yankees, which have the highest payroll in baseball, and feature superstars such as Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and CC Sabathia.

There’s also active chatter about Sabathia, the Yankees’ starting pitcher, and Cliff Lee, who will be starting for the Phillies. As well, bloggers are talking about the Yankees’ new stadium in the Bronx, which hosts the first game tonight.


In general, the World Series is attracting far more interest from males (81%) than females (19%), while the most interest (52.5%) is coming from the 21-to-35-year-old demographic.

baseball gender

baseball demographics