A Sysomos Snapshot: American Idol 8

With American Idol 8 now down to the final four contestants, we thought it might be interested to take a look at how the popular television show has been doing within the social media universe.

As well, we drilled down to get some insight into how the final contestants – Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey – were being covered by bloggers.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of interest in the show, although it has dropped since the AI8 started in mid-January. (See the chart below to see the amount of social media activity.)

The decline may suggest the show hasn’t maintained its grip on the audience, or perhaps that some people are waiting until the show’s final episodes before tuning in.


What’s interesting is AI8’s global appeal. While 58.4% of the social media conversations happened in the U.S., there was a lot of activity in the U.K., Canada, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and South Africa. In the U.S., most of the activity happened in California, Texas, Washington State, Florida, New York and Illinois.


Overall, AI8 is the most popular with the 21-to-35-year-old demographic, with women accounting about two-thirds of all social media activity.



Of the 21-to-35-year-old demographic, 70% of the activity came from the U.S. – 12 points higher than the U.S. overall.


In terms of sentiment (or the tone of the social media conversations), 21-to-35-years-olds (Chart #1) were less positive than overall users (Chart #2). They were also more negative with 21% of the sentiment negative versus with 11% for overall users.

Chart #1

Chart #2

In terms of the contestants themselves, the flamboyant Adam Lambert continues to be the most talked about, attracting attention for his singing and risk-taking. Lambert has been on a roll since earning a standing ovation from hard-to-please judge Simon Cowell last month after doing a rendition of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World”.

In the chart below that shows activity for all four contestants, you can see how Lambert (the blue line) has consistently attracted the most attention from bloggers – with the spike being his Tears for Fears performance.


Lambert (#1) is particularly popular with social media participants under 20-years-old (36%), while Danny Gokey (#4) ranks highest among 25-to-35-year-olds and 35-to-50-year-olds.


And in terms of sentiment, Lambert (the second group of bars from the left) has received the most positive coverage (73%), while Danny Gokey is just behind at 69%. Allison Iraheta comes in at 62%, and Kris Allen 60%.


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  1. I really loved the final 5 American idol group song last night. It was a pity to see Aaron Kelly got rid of however I believe the other singers were better singers so he had to go!

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