Mini-Spotlight: United Breaks Guitars

It’s been about a week since Canadian musician Dave Carroll’s video, “United Breaks Guitars”, started to attract global attention about his failed efforts to get United Airlines to compensate him for a guitar damaged by baggage handlers.

At last count, the video (below) has been viewed more than 3.3 million times on YouTube, and been written about in 446 news stories.

To get a snapshot of who’s been talking about it, we did a search using MAP for “United Breaks Guitars”.

In the BuzzGraph (below), you can see “carroll” is the major keyword with the strongest association to “airline”. The keyword, “3500” refers to the value of the Taylor guitar that was damaged.

Picture 1-155

In terms of geographic coverage, more than half the coverage (51.2%) came from the U.S., while 14.6% came from Canada (Carroll lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia).

Picture 2-84

For more coverage about the story, Dan Greenfield provides an in-depth overview about the reaction on a variety of social media services. Dave Carroll’s Web site can be found here.

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