Twitter Users With the Most Updates

When we looked at the most active Twitter users, there was a huge amount of fascinating information. Most of it, we published last week in our second Twitter Report.

There’s still a lot of interesting data that we wanted to share. For example, here’s a list ranking people who have made the most updates that takes into account users who have more than 5,000 followers but update less than 50 times/day – a group that captures enthusiastic users as opposed to bots, which account for 24% of overall Twitter activity.

1. Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) Number of updates: 41.352

2. Thomas Clifford (@tommytrc), 37,547

3. BBC World (@bbcworld), 35,591

4. Lucretia Pruitt (@geekmommy), 35,326

5. John Johnston (@jjprojects), 33,816

6. New York Times (@nytimes), 32.250

7. Lucky Days (@luckydays), 32,031

8. Meg Fowler (@megfowler), 31,748

9. buzztter (@buzztter), 31,286

10. ZDNet Blogs, (@zdnetblogs), 29.683

Other notables include:

– David Armano (@armano), 25,294

– Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki), 25.250

– Aaron Brazell (@technosailor), 22.830

– Robert Scoble (@scobleizer), 21,246

– Tara Hunt (missrogue), 18,827

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