What is “Pointless Babble” on Twitter?

There’s clearly a lot of chatter on Twitter that could be described as uninteresting. Things like “My cat is sick”, “I’m going to Starbucks for a latte” or “so what nonsense will go on today?”.

For many people, these kind of updates have little value and attract no attention. You may even wonder why people make these type of updates given they offer little to the overall conversation.
That said, is it fair to describe these updates as “pointless babble” as a recent study proclaimed?
It depends on how you want to define “pointless”. One person’s definition of “pointless” may be another person’s definition of “personal insight” that may be interesting to family and friends.
To categorize 40.5% of the updates on Twitter as “pointless babble” is certainly provocative but it dismisses a lot of updates that many people see as important, insightful or interesting.
For more thoughts on “pointless babble”, check out Chris Matyszczyk’s post on CNet’s Technically Incorrect blog.

3 Comments on “What is “Pointless Babble” on Twitter?”

  1. It is a natural thing to see a high percentage of Tweets between friends that is essentially babble. If the babble gets too much, one can simply stop following those people. I’m amazed by people that follow thousands of other people. I’m envious of those people that actually have that much free time on their hands.

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