Facebook: 300M Users…and Counting

Twitter may be the belle of the social media ball but it’s more than obvious that Facebook is no wallflower.

Facebook announced yesterday it has more than 300 million users around the world. If Facebook were a country, it would the fourth-most populated in the world behind India, China and the U.S.

As impressive is that Facebook’s growth in the past year has tripled, which is truly impressive and astounding.

From a financial perspective, Facebook is now making enough revenue to cover its operating costs, suggesting that Facebook is fast-becoming a viable business, as well as the world’s largest online community.

A key part of Facebook’s growth is how it is being enthusiastically embraced by older users, particularly those in the 35-to-49-year-old demographic. In other words, it’s the parents of the original users who are on Facebook.

If was one lesson that Facebook could teach Twitter is that advertising is a great way to make money. Facebook offers advertisers a user-friendly platform that lets them target users based on their interests, location and age – and there has been little pushback.

In contrast, Twitter has refused to embrace advertising, although it is becoming obvious that it’s low-hanging fruit that will be difficult to resist for much longer.

Below is a graph showing the number of unique users for Facebook and Twitter in the U.S. over the past year.

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