Social Media is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

One of the more annoying things about the hype surrounding social media is how it’s being positioned as a salvation, cure-all, silver bullet, etc. for a company’s communications, marketing and sales strategies.

Embrace social media and the world is your oyster!

The reality is social media can be a powerful and cost-effective medium but even if you execute perfectly, it’s still just one arrow within your strategic quiver. In other words, social media can be great but it’s not everything.

As a result, social media should be used alongside other marketing and sales tools such as direct mail, e-mail, TV/newspaper ads, etc.

As Mitch Joel said during a book launch in Toronto for “Six Pixels of Separation”, companies need to embrace the Web but also continue to use tools that resonate with the audiences they are trying to target.

Given this reality, it’s good to see high-profile people such as Tara Hunt talking about how social media is just one part of an overall strategy to reach consumers. At a presentation in Ottawa yesterday, Tara did a new presentation – ““Your social media strategy won’t save you” that highlighted her thesis.

Erin Bury did a post on the Sprouter blog that provides a good overview of Hunt’s presentation, including slides.

Hunt’s presentation is not only good food for thought but it provides a nice counter-balance to all the buzz about social media. This is not to suggest social media shouldn’t be embraced but not to point where it overshadows everything else.

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  1. Exactly! That’s all we need to tell everybody who’s suddenly desperate seeking to get money and a business perspective throughout socialmedia only – and I would rather not use the expression socialmedia – ’cause for me it leads me only to the new journalism tools – but a new cast of tools that intrapeneurs are seeking through new technologies that pop out every day/hour/minute to try to dicover a new way to either get out of the ig box or discover the “Columbus egg” (as we speak down here – not sure this is a worldwide saying). Very good article and I’ll be following and reading the mentioned articles and experts above. (Believe me – THIS is what I think socialmedia is all about. How could we ever exchange informaion or opinions in other era if not?) ;D

    Vany Laubé (Greetings from Brazil)

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