Why Apple Doesn’t Use Social Media

TechCrunch reported yesterday that Apple is starting to increase its use of Twitter.

For any other world-class, consumer-facing company, this news would probably have been met with a shrug. But for Apple, this is major news because Apple hasn’t embraced social media, even though it’s all rage from a communications, marketing and sales perspective. Apple, which has always marched to the beat of its own drum, is not a social media user, aside from a few low-profile Twitter accounts such as iTunesTrailers

So why is that? Why is Apple sitting on the social media sidelines, while the rest of the world jumps on the bandwagon?

Perhaps the biggest explanation may be that Apple doesn’t need to do social media itself – not when you’ve got millions of consumers more than happy to blog, tweet, video and podcast about their love for Apple and Steve Jobs.

In a sense, Apple has outsourced social media.

Another reason may be that Apple’s marketing campaigns are so good that social media is unnecessary. A case in point are the popular Apple vs. Windows TV ads, which have attracted a lot of word-of-mouth and YouTube views. Again, no need to do social media itself.

And for all the talk about brands having conversation with their customers and potential customers, Apple is having conversations but in different ways. Jobs’ annual keynotes at Macworld is the biggest conversation in the high-world. Steve talks, and then everyone talks back in social and traditional media.

Another venue where Apple is having conversations are the Apple Stores where you can walk in, and have a conversation with a real person as opposed an avatar.

Maybe Apple is the exception to the rule when it comes to social media. Maybe Apple doesn’t need social media or, at least, to do it much itself.

Why do you think?