So, What Do You Use To Twitter?

So, how do you use Twitter?

That’s the question we wanted to answer with our latest report focused on the applications to use Twitter. We analyzed a sample of more than 500 million tweets collected over the past five months to determine the most popular applications to use Twitter. continues to be the most popular application, accounting for 46% of all tweets, while TweetDeck is a distant second with 8.48%. Since our initial Twitter report in June,’s market share was essentially flat, while TweetDeck has dropped from 19.7%.


Most Twitter users (82%) stick to a single application; 14% use two applications, while 2.35% use three applications. Note: We only took into account active users – people with at least 50 tweets in the past five months.


The choice of a particular Twitter application has much to do with a person’s level of activity. TweetDeck users are most active, posting 1.24 tweets/day, followed by Seesmic and HootSuite users. users post an average of 0.67 times/day.