Focus On: Twitter Publishing Tools Market Share

Over the past six months, we’ve taken several in-depth looks at Twitter and how people are using it. This includes the tools and services being used to post and read tweets. As Twitter becomes more popular, the number of publishing alternatives continues to expand in lockstep.

To get a better idea of how people are using Twitter, Sysomos looked at two three-week periods – one in June and another in November – to create comparative snapshots. Not surprisingly,’s market share in terms of how often it is used dropped to 40.5% from 45.7%.

Among the biggest market share losses were posted by Tweetdeck which dropped to 8.75% of total tweets from 19.7% in June; Echofon, which used to be Twitterfox and Twitterfon, dropped to 4.9% from 7.6%; and TwitterBerry, which fell to 0.62% from 1.7%.

The market share winners included UberTwitter, a popular Blackberry application, which climbed to 6.74% from 1.8%; Seesmic, which now offers desktop software and a Web-based tool, rose to 1.26% from 1.1%; Twitterrific, an iPhone app, increased to 1.67% from 1.2%, while Twidroid, a client for Android devices, climbed to 1.25% from 0.8%.

Here’s a chart of the leading Twitter services and tools in November 2009. (Note: The “web” is

Screen shot 2009-12-08 at 7.53.36 PM

And here’s a chart of the leading Twitter tools and services for June 2009

Screen shot 2009-12-08 at 7.53.49 PM

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  3. These data are absolutely not consistent with those provided by TweetStats. According to TweetStats, TweetDeck produced 17.01% of all the tweets via 13.23% of the Twitter users on Dec 2nd, 2009:

    Tweetstats shows that the Twitter web site is less and less used, and that 3rd party apps took over as the platform of choice for tweeting. It’d be good to know how exactly the numbers in that post have been obtained.

  4. Olivier, I’m not sure where you’re seeing those TweetStats numbers. According to the chart at right now, the rankings stack up like this:

    web – 33.6%
    TweetDeck – 9.2%
    twitterfeed – 8.3%
    API – 7.6%
    UberTwitter – 6.0%
    Echofon – 4.4%

    Considering that TweetStats only looks at the current day’s stats (while Sysomos looked at three-week periods) and the more recent numbers from Sysomos are from a month ago, I’d say the two sources aren’t far off from each other.

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