The Social Media Workforce in 2010

In following up with a post earlier this week about the growing importance of community managers in 2010, here are some other corporate positions that will start to materialize within the corporate hierarchy.

Chief Social Media Officer (CSMO), who will responsible for a company’s social media activities, and supervise a team of specialists, including the community manager. The CSMO will have a place at the strategic table with other senior executives so the programs carried out by their teams are closely aligned with the overall corporate strategies – communications, marketing, sales, business development, human resources, etc. CSMOs will have a variety of experience, as well as a strong grasp of social media services.

The Community Evangelist: A person who will have a constant presence in the community, attending conferences, meetups and internal events to build relationships within the community, as well as build the brand’s presence. CEs will be the feet on the street needed to deliver the social media programs when and wherever needed. These people will likely have communications or marketing backgrounds, and a willingness to socialize and travel on a regular basis.

Social Media Monitors (SMMSs): Even as social media monitoring services make it easier to listen to what’s happening within the social media landscape and traditional media, there will be a need for people to be involved as well. SMMs will focus on identifying trends and people highlighted within social media monitoring so they or other people within the company (such as the community manager) can quickly react or engage in positive or negative situations. There people will be junior employees.

Social Media-Engaged Employees: With the right guidelines in place and programs to encourage people to get involved, a company’s employees can also play an active role in social media activities through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and video.

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