Five Truths About Social Media

fiveIt’s still early days for social media so there’s still an awful lot of hype and misconceptions thriving amid the enthusiasm and excitement. Here are few social media realities that should, hopefully, not come as too much of a surprise.

1. Social media is not about the tools and services such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, although they do play a key  role in making things happen. Social media is how the tools and services are effectively married with great content, creative ideas, smart strategies and tactics, and all the other communications, marketing and sales activities done by companies to do business.

2. Social media is not a silver bullet or elixir. Adding some social media into the mix won’t produce miracles or wild success if there are other issues or problems such as mediocre products and services, bad customer service, ineffective marketing, or intense competition.

3. A company and its employees have to embrace social media and make it part of the corporate culture. Social media can not be outsourced or ghost-written because unless you’re really drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, it’s difficult to be completely committed.

4. Social media is not a standalone activity or something that operates in isolation. At its best, social media complements and enhances a company’s other activities, and vice-versa. Social media thrives when it’s tightly integrated into how a company does business.

5. It’s still early days for social media so companies that think they need to play a desperate game of catch-up can take a deep breath. That said, social media is gaining a lot of strategic and tactical traction so companies better start thinking why, how and when they want to get into the game.

What are some of the social media truths that you would highlight?

4 Comments on “Five Truths About Social Media”

  1. One truth about social media I’d like to highlight is how important the underlying technology is, namely, the content generation, publishing, management, and archiving systems. If these things are alien to you, then you will be relegated to an unfairly small amount of the playing field in the business opportunities around social media. My two cents, but that’s only because I’m currently approaching social media from the enterprise IT

  2. Nick,

    Agreed that the underlying technology provides a solid foundation for social media activity. Thanks for the comment.


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