Apple iPad Gets Positive Reception

ipadAfter months of speculation, Apple unveiled its tablet computer yesterday – the iPad. The reaction from high-profile bloggers and traditional media has been mixed.

While the iTab’s design has received rave reviews, its features and functionality could be described as muted optimism. A good example is All Things Digital’s Walter Mossberg.

After looking at the pre-launch conversations yesterday, we used our flagship monitoring and analytics service, MAP, to get a handle on the reaction to the iPad using the keywords “apple” and “ipad” over the past two days.

Overall, the sentiment for the iPad was extremely positive at 80%, compared with pre-launch positive sentiment of 81%.

Screen shot 2010-01-28 at 10.30.30 AM

The most discussed keyword was “tablet”, while there were strong associations with “Steve” (Apple CEO Steve Jobs), “499” (the starting price for the iPad) and “unveiled”.

buzzgraph.jsp (Jan28)

In total, there have been 477,537 tweets that included “apple” and “ipad” over the past two days; 33,892 blog posts and 7,315 traditional media articles.

8 Comments on “Apple iPad Gets Positive Reception”

  1. Love the analysis but I think the data is a bit skewed as you don’t appear to be including the terminology that was trending on Twitter yesterday – “iTampon” and all the variations of that. It would be interesting to see the sentiment if the plays on the term “iPad” were included.

  2. Michael,

    Here’s some sentiment info based on keyword:

    Apple – 84% positive
    iPad – 82% positive (31% positive, 51% neutral)
    Steve Jobs – 82%

  3. I like it to be honest. Although it is kind of like a big iphone!

    Surprised that the overall view was positive, i know so many people that hate it already!

  4. I like the keyword analysis but I’m not sure this gives a complete view. I’ve heard and read far more bad reviews than good ones and I think your keyword analysis gives a positive reception impression mostly because all the negative reviews simply brushed the iPad name on the side. On Twitter, one of the hottest keyword of the moment is iTampon (

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