New Sysomos Report: How the Blogosphere Uses YouTube Videos

It may be a 500-channel television universe but the real action when it comes to what people are watching is videos, particularly YouTube videos.

We were curious about how bloggers use YouTube videos so we analyzed 2.5 million unique YouTube videos that had been embedded into blog posts or featured links between July and December, 2009. Here’s the complete report.

Some of the highlights include:

– There is no clear correlation between the rating of the video on YouTube and how often it is viewed. Videos with a rating of more than four out of five tend to have fewer views than those with a rating of two or three.

– Music videos are the most popular within blogs 31% of all analyzed videos, followed by entertainment (15%) and people and blogs (11%).

– 20-to-35 year old bloggers are most active in embedding and linking to videos within their posts with 57% of total videos coming from this demographic group.

– The average YouTube video within blogs is four minutes and 12 seconds, and the average number of views is 99,160.

You can find the YouTube/Blogosphere report here. The report also includes links to the most popular videos within the blogosphere.

The other special reports that Sysomos has published on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are here.

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  2. I want to know, how you gathered your data from youtube? How did you search the top videos within each category e.g. politics, sports etc.

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