Introducing FourWhere: Start Discovering the World Around You

A growing number of people are using location-based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla to tell the world where they’re visiting, and offering “tips” about these places.

But how do you easily find the information being provided?

The answer is FourWhere, a new and free location-based social search service from Sysomos that mashes-up locations and comments from Foursquare with the Google Maps API.

FourWhere is simple to use; you start by providing your location (city or address), and then right-click on the map to see the places where Foursquare users have been and any tips and comments they’ve left about particular places. (There’s a screenshot of FourWhere at the bottom of this post.)

“Creating FourWhere was a natural move for us given that Sysomos is a leading player in the social media analytics market, while Foursquare is emerging as one of the fastest-growing social media services,” said Nick Koudas, chief executive and co-founder with Sysomos.

“More people are using location-based services such as Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter and Gowalla. Today’s launch of FourWhere is the first step in bringing the local buzz together.”

After the initial release, we’ll continue to enhance the service by adding content analytics. We plan to add more real-time information from other social media sources using Sysomos’ extensive content database.

FourWhere is a public service so there is no need to register or sign in. Just visit, and start discovering all the fun places you never knew existed and see the buzz about them.

31 Comments on “Introducing FourWhere: Start Discovering the World Around You”

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  2. Nice but the map is empty here in Montreal, should I be log in Foursquare ?
    I have plenty of foursquare comments or rating or tipsor friends but nothing is on the map…

    does it really work ?

    1. Julien,

      Yup, it works. To find places and comments in Montreal, change the location to Montreal. Then, right click on the map and select “Find Venues Around Here”. This will display the places in Montreal where Foursquare users have checked-in. The right-click option also lets you display comments/tips. If you’re still having problems, let me know –


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    1. There are lots of venues in Montreal. Once you change the location, right-click on the map. You’ll then see several options including “Find Venues Around Here”. Click on it, and all the locations will appear.

  4. nice o/ now try to give the character encoding some love. umlauts are totally mangled for instance (how is your smörgåsbord looking?)

  5. Great! I really wanted this to be available, but…

    Japanese doesn’t display correctly! I’t all gibberish, so the venues around me in Japan are unintelligible. Any chance of this being corrected for soon with Shift JIS support?


    1. I’ll let our team know about the Japanese display issues.


      Mark Evans
      Director of Communications
      Sysomos Inc.

    1. Yes, it works on Mac with Firefox. To get the places and comments to appear, right-click on the map. This will display a mini-menu with a few options, including “Find Venues Around Here”. If you continue to have problems, let me know.


  6. Hi! This is a pretty cool mashup. My only recommendation would be to drop a cookie so we don’t have to change the location from Ontario every time the page is loaded.


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  8. Would be great if we could embed a customizable fourwhere map on our own blog/site.
    Also if there was a button on the embeddable map to ‘check in’ from your computer.
    Interesting way to tell a story and solicit more responses/generate more traffic for Foursquare

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  11. I would be nice if the dialog box popup that appears when you click on a venue contained a link to the Foursquare site for that venue, such that users can “Add as a To-Do”.

  12. Why isn’t this site iPhone aware? Seems like a pretty obvious omission to me. Nothing fits in an iPhone 3gs horizontal view! Double tapping text blocks does nothing! I can’t even reverse pinch?!


  13. Would be great it it were accurate. I’m showing all sorts of inaccuracies with the map. When I check FS it’s correct when I look at FW it’s totally wrong. When clicking on the location it doesn’t give it’s venue number so it’s impossible to fix.


    1. FourWhere should work in every city in which Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp users have checked-in or left a comment.

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