Tapping into FourWhere at SXSW

As the SXSW conference kicks off today in Austin, Tex., thousands of people are going to be looking for cool and interesting places to eat, party, drink, dance, relax and do business.

One of the tools that you might want to add to your SXSW social arsenal is FourWhere, the newly-launched service created by Sysomos which combines content and data from Foursquare with the Google Maps API.

FourSquare provides a user-friendly way to see all the places that have been visited by Foursquare users, as well as any comments they made.

To use FourWhere at SXSW, type “Austin Convention Center, United States” into the search box. Then, right-click on the map. This will show all the places around the convention center visited by Foursquare users.

To get information about a venue on the map, click on one of the orange dots. This will display its name, and any comments about it. For example, here’s several comments for the Iron Works BBQ, which is the orange dot with “5+” beside it on the lower right-hand side of the graph below.

More: FourWhere was listed among by Lifehacker as one of “best tools for hacking your next big conference (like SXSW).