Twitter as a Resource Tool

Everyone talks about Twitter as a vibrant place for conversations, but it can also be a valuable resource tool.

Think of Twitter as a massive group of experts with deep knowledge about a variety of topics – everything from the best restaurants in Chicago and how to buy the right type of champagne to the perfect software to track customers or the best places to buy a bicycle.

It means if you have a question, there’s someone somewhere within the TwitterSphere who has the right answer. In other words, there’s a huge database at your fingertips – as long as your question is 140 characters or less.

The value of Twitter has a resource tool shouldn’t be under-estimated. In many ways, Twitter’s ability to provide answers to just about any question makes it an ideal complement to using search engines such as Google.

Just for fun, the next time you’re on Twitter, ask a question about something you want to do, drink or eat. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the number of responses.

  • Pedro Cardoso

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I often throw “questions” out to my Twitter “tribe”…and normally get great answers, very quickly. Consider other similar paradigm’s or metaphors:

    – Star Trek’s Computer – “Computer…what is ?”
    – XBox Live’s 1vs100 or “The Mob”
    – The chat room on shows like CNET’s Buzz Out Loud or TWIT (and I am sure Tom Merritt’s upcoming TNT)
    – Even advance polling in elections…

    Crowd Sourcing baby. Forget about asking a friend. Ask enough of a population sample and the right answer floats to the top.

    To me, that’s the biggest threat to Google’s “search empire”. Belly buttons trump algorithms. (think I’ll use that for a blog post). :-)

  • william

    i suggest twitter.. is a medium by which a person wants himself to let others know that he/she is not famous~