Who Will Win World Cup 2010? Bloggers Say England

So, who’s going to win the 2010 World Cup, which starts June 11 when host South Africa takes on Mexico?

While certainly not a scientific approach, we decided to see if social media could provide some insight about who might win the much-coveted Jules Rimet trophy.

Our methodology was straightforward: we ran queries on 10 leading World Cup contenders to assess the level of social media conversations over the past month using our social media monitoring and analytics platform. The countries on the list included Spain, Brazil, England, Argentina, Italy, France, Portugal, United States, Germany and Holland.

If the blogosphere is any indication, England is, by far, the World Cup favorite with 27.5% of the total conversations. Brazil is second at 10.4%, followed by Germany (10.2%), Spain (8.8%) and France (8.6%)

For the past month, England has consistently dominated the conversations within the blogosphere.

What’s interesting is although England has attracted the most conversations, it has also garnered the most negative conversations (35%). This is significantly more than the runner-up, the U.S., which attracted 26% negative sentiment. Brazil, Italy and Spain attracted the most popular sentiment with 46% each.

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  1. sorry, i don’t agree with your link between the research method, the data presented and your conclusions. if i’m reading this right, you’re saying that more people were saying how bad the England team is, more often and that that means they will win the world cup?

    if anything this shows that brazil are the bloggers’ favourites – with the highest positive vs. negative sentiment gap – while england are most likely to disappoint.


    1. You may be right but another way to look at it is that England has attracted, by far, the most attention. While there’s a good chunk that is negative, there’s also a lot of positive conversations. It may also suggest there’s a lot of people who don’t agree that England is the favorite. 🙂


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  7. If media has to crown the trophy, definitely England will win. Whenever there is any world class game on football, I always hear before the match that England will win – it looks like the “England will win” and world class preperation are synonium. But the fact is neither England won the game nor it will win this. Probably it will reach up-to top 16, and the rest is ….. Lets see the game…Who knows in future probably next ot after that England will win…but at present I dont see any chances…

  8. I do agree with England is just famous and poeple always like it. however, what we have to notice England is that England always looses in Quater or something.

    I do believe that England will lose after First Round because they just focus on Rooney to score the wining goals. If he is not capable, there is nothing hope. It is like Man U. So, rooney is a star. Without him, England is nothing.

    At the present, the most famous one is Brizal and Spain. They are not only famous but also much better than any other teams and the most capable or potential to win the 2010 world cup in South Africa.

  9. I think the Bloggers also like England personally. Me too, I like my country. But, my country is not included in world cup.

    It means that just only you like England personally can not be sure.
    Forget your persoanl interest.

    But, need to take a look at the history of world cup vitory. who are they? how many times they have won? And what about World ranking system? is England on the top of the list of it? No?

    So, as England get used to loosing most important matches, we could predict that it is gonna be looser in spite of being famous in the mouth of some people.

  10. Hello well thought out post about the fifa worldcup. I can’t wait the Socceroos to come home with a victory. Go the best team in the world, Australia(or Japan second choice) !!!

  11. England could not even beat the US. What a joke. You have them ahead of Brazil and Germany? I guess the social networks may like England, but most of them know nothing about football. Maybe the English players are netter looking, but that does not put them ahead of the good teams!!!

  12. Maybe if we think a little more, we think that the cup is not over yet, just started, whatever, Brazil, Germany or England, it is important to know who will win the cup watching the canopy, it is far better than either discuss the subject further No one knows the future, of course!

    said galley, hugs!

  13. Argentina is going to win the world cup, you dont know the energy and, the positive attitude in the team there going to win it no doubt.
    You guys are Ridiculus who ever said spain is going to win the world cup, they sucks and lost Epic fail spain!

  14. Nobody can really predict who will win the World Cup. The outcome will depend on a lot of factors, including luck. And the current match results are already proving it (see Spain loosing against Switzerland).
    Let’s sit down and enjoy the show till the end!!!

  15. At first I thought Spain and Germany. Now Argentina and maybe Brazil.
    Spain it all depends on friday with the encounter with Chile, but I doubt it.
    I like Germany but they are not playing very well..till now gentlemen. England is playing awful, France..well lets not even go there..Italy..mmm…kind of…Spain, not well at all. Of course this is till now…you never know how things go.
    But if someone asks me who wins..Argentina. I am always scared shit of them, and now worse!

  16. Argentina has a mutch help of referees. Remember Maradona’s hand. They football is very dingy. In the moments when they loose they are ready to do everything possible – provoke, beat opponent etc. Germany will show them how to play real football.

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