What Your Twitter Followers Say About You

Have you spent time thinking about who’s following you on Twitter? Who are these people and what kind of status do they enjoy within the TwitterSphere.

To learn more about followers, we used our MAP social media analytics service to explore people following five celebrities, five social media heavyweights and five media organizations.

We wanted to learn two main things: the differences between the five people within each group, and the differences among the three groups themselves. We based our study on two criteria: the number of followers that someone has, and the authority ranking of their followers.

We base “authority” on the number of followers, following, updates, retweets and several similar measures. For each of the 15 users in our study, we looked at the average authority ranking for their followers, and the countries where they are located.

We discovered that social media “heavyweights” have followers with the highest authority, followed by news organizations and and celebrities. Celebrities, on the other hand, have the most followers, followed by social media “heavyweights” and news organizations.

The full report can be found here.

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