What’s Next for Twitter?

A statement and a question about Twitter.

Statement: There is probably no social media company – or online company, for that matter – that has attracted as much attention, fascination and head-scratching.

Question: Can Twitter become anything more or other than what it is right now – an extremely popular online communications tool with uncertain prospects of ever making major amounts of revenue?

It is a discussion thrust into the spotlight once again as Twitter’s attempt to introduce a new way to look up friends on Facebook has been apparently been blocked by Facebook.

This is yet another example of how Twitter seems to repeatedly stumble strategically even as it continues to attract more users, as well as third-party developers working to make the platform more useful.

Even Twitter’s big stab at monetization – contextual advertising – seems to have run into a major hiccup. Despite all the hype that Twitter had finally landed upon a way to make money, the advertising machine is nowhere close to gaining any momentum.

In many respects, Twitter’s strategic struggles are as fascinating as its rapid growth and embrace by more people and companies around the world. It would be fair to say that everyone wants Twitter to succeed because it offers so much value to so many people.

The ongoing challenge facing Twitter, however, is coming up with a way to pay the bills unless, of course, the ultimate goal is getting acquired by Google.

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  1. My question is why every discussion around social media platforms seems to include how they will create major revenue. I believe part of the attraction to social media is simply the human desire to create relationships and community. To imply that every company has to make major bucks goes against the very nature of social media. I do agree as you state late in your article that Twitter does need to devise a way to pay their bills and that is a far cry from major revenue. I do not notice any advertising on your blog, so how do you pay your bills? Somewhat of an arrogant question is it not? Why not spend your valuable bandwidth looking at questions that actually concern the consumers of social media and possibly make suggestions around how a company could monetize their efforts. What if we all we’re socializing in an effort to serve humanity, yes I said it, rather than serve the not so all mighty dollar? I believe if that were so we would not have to worry about the money for they money would simply be a tool to accomplish our goals rather than money being the goal. Just my $.02 Peace and Blessings

  2. I think it’s a fair question when considering the amount of money it takes to support such a resource. There’s a huge amount of intelligence stored in the Twitter database. If that resource disappeared or was misused, it would be horrible. I’d support your notion that we are socializing in an effort to serve humanity. The fact that Sysomos provides tools to better understand our behavioral dynamics is rather interesting to me.

    To adress Robert’s question… Monetization in SM systems is often the topic because marketing and advertising foibles are woven into corporate interests and the fabric of our consumer connections.

  3. That’s a good point about Google. As they seem hell bent intent on world domination it’s probably the likely outcome. I find it difficult to get any real value out of Twitter – very few people are willing to interact or add any real value to the conversation they are simply there to hype their products

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