Sysomos, Now a Marketwire Company

Sysomos, Now a Marketwire Company A hallway discussion in 2005 led to the creation of Sysomos. Today, we are excited to announce that Marketwire Inc. has acquired Sysomos. Marketwire is a dominant leader in press release and content distribution, and workflow solutions for public relations, investor relations, journalists and communication professionals.

We started working on several social media analysis problems as a challenging research project in 2005. A lot has changed since then.

Today, Sysomos is a profitable business. We operate the most advanced social media monitoring and analytics platform, collecting and processing more than a billion new online conversations a month. We have two very successful products in our portfolio: MAP and Heartbeat.

Thousands of brands around the globe are using analytics from the Sysomos platform. The list includes boutique and international agencies, mid-sized companies and some of the world’s biggest brands such as Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Disney and Shell.

Most important, we have been fortunate to build a team that consists of some of the most talented and dedicated individuals, bringing together innovation, technical leadership and superior customer service. As a very important milestone in our corporate evolution, we are now part of the much larger Marketwire family.

As the communications industry moves forward, the union between Marketwire and Sysomos makes perfect sense. Our common goal is a customer-centric approach to apply technology to meet the challenges of communicating in an ever-changing environment. Together, we will bridge the established world of communications services and the rapidly changing social media landscape.

Marketwire’s products and services will integrate social intelligence from the Sysomos platform to provide public relations and investor relations professionals, marketers and advertisers with better tools for their business needs. New products are in development to holistically address the needs of modern communications professionals. The integrated platform will have emphasis on ROI and measurable results to drive value.

Together, we are set to become the global leader in the communications industry. Continue reading the complete press release.

Nick Koudas & Nilesh Bansal
Sysomos Co-founders

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a Sysomos user, how does this affect me?
A: If you are using any of our services (MAP, Heartbeat and Audience), you will continue to have access to them, along with the great support and superior customer service. Nothing changes except you now have access to resources and expertise of a much larger company.

Q: How does the acquisition affect enhancements to the Sysomos platform and new products?
A: We will continue to frequently release new product features and updates frequently. All three products – MAP, Heartbeat and Audience – will continue to evolve. Our engineering team is already working to develop more to meet your needs.

Q: What brings Sysomos and Marketwire together?
A: There is a natural fit and synergy between Marketwire and Sysomos. With access to thousands of clients, both teams will work together to revolutionize the communications industry. This synergy creates a set of unique offerings that will define the evolution of corporate communications. Sysomos will continue to lead the social media landscape, and smoothly integrate its products with Marketwire services. This union shows it is possible to keep pace with technological and sociological changes in communication and information sharing, and stay one step ahead and set the new standard.

Q: Who will be leading the team?
A: The two founders of Sysomos, Nick Koudas and Nilesh Bansal, will continue to lead the Sysomos division of Marketwire as President and CTO respectively, along with Michael Nowlan, Chief Executive of Marketwire.

Q: How do I get access to your products?
A: That’s simple; just contact our sales team at, and we will send you all the details and pricing.

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  2. Welcome to the Marketwire famly! We’re extremely excited about working with a great team, adding such an innovative platform into the Marketwire mix, and stoked about what the future holds. With our powers combined, we’re going to change the way the world communicates!

    Nick Shin @shinng
    SEM and Social Media Specialist @Marketwire

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