What’s More Important: Twitter Followers or RSS Subscribers?

As an enthusiastic blogger, it was nearly impossible not to check out a link on Twitter with the tempting title – 10 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your RSS Feed Subscribers.

After all, what blogger doesn’t want more RSS subscribers given the more subscribers you, the more popular and well-read your blog.

But then it struck me about whether RSS still has the same kind of appeal and importance as it once had. For many bloggers, Twitter has become an important way to promote and distribute their posts.

While people are following you on Twitter as opposed to your blog content, it is nevertheless a way to capture the attention of a large audience.

The difference between RSS and Twitter is that RSS requires a bigger commitment – someone actually decides that a blog is so interesting or informative, they want to read it so often it makes sense to subscribe.

On the other hand, following someone on Twitter can be a snap decision. It far less of a commitment because it involves seeing someone’s mini-posts, which come as fast as they go.

For bloggers, however, the upside to Twitter is it can be easier to capture someone’s attention. Once someone starts following you, it opens the door to them getting interested in your blog posts.

It is sort of like Twitter is the loss-leader at the grocery store (the items that are so well priced and so prominently displayed they are almost irresistible) that consumer buy them before stumbling upon the premium products (aka the blog) in the same section.

Twitter’s potential as a marketing tool for a blog explains why so many bloggers are so enthusiastic about being on Twitter. Sure, it lets them be part of the conversation and access real-time information but it’s also a great marketing tool.

It is not like Twitter is going to replace RSS because they are different tools with different features but there is no doubt that Twitter has joined RSS as a solid one-two punch for any blogger looking for wider distribution.

3 Comments on “What’s More Important: Twitter Followers or RSS Subscribers?”

  1. I have found that I follow more than subscribe to RSS feeds as it does require more on my part to pick the right blog. I find that Twitter allows me to cherry pick what I read… like this post.

  2. Which of your children do you love more?

    Why do I have to choose?

    Twitter followers are great. RSS subscribers are great. Newsletter subscribers are great.

    I believe that every channel has it’s advantages, and where well leveraged they have a cumulative effect rather than the opposite.

    As you state – a solid one-two punch should be the takeaway. Just wanted to highlight that line!

    1. Geoff,

      Good point in that both are good but they do offer different benefits. Thanks for the comment!


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