A Professional Way to Manage Facebook Pages

One of the most interesting parts of Facebook’s growth this year has been the growing number of companies that have embraced Facebook Pages as another way to establish and enhance their digital footprints.

Some of these companies are using their Facebook Pages as the key landing destination for consumers because they are vehicles to dynamically deliver a variety of content, as well as engage users. There are also lots of companies using Facebook Pages as a one-two punch with their Web sites.

One of the major challenges for companies with Facebook Pages is how to effectively manage them. Since they are places in which consumers can leave comments, it means Facebook Pages need to be moderated on a regular basis. This can be an even bigger task if a company has multiple Facebook Pages. As well, it can be challenging to automate tasks and create reports on activity.

As the leading social media monitoring and analytics companies, Sysomos recognized there needed to be a better way to manage Facebook Pages.

So, we’re excited about the launch of Facebook Page Central, the first professional tool to moderate comments, automate tasks and run reports.

Facebook Page Central´s features include:

  • Auto-deletion of unwanted posts and spam.
  • The ability to create reports about the number of posts and comments, the level of engagement, hottest topics, the most active fans and sentiment analysis.
  • Administrative notifications via e-mail if a comment is left. A list of keywords can be created, which if found, notifications will quickly be sent.
  • Workflow management tools to assign moderation responsibilities to members of your team.

“Facebook Page Central reflects how Sysomos continues to evolve and improve its services,” said Nick Koudas, Sysomos’ president.

“Our product portfolio now includes our flagship product, MAP, which delivers analytics and in-depth reports, and Heartbeat, which provides monitoring and measurement services.”

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