Five Key Ingredients for a Successful Corporate Blog

Despite the fact blogs no longer have a lot of social media sex appeal, they remain an integral part of the landscape because they offer companies valuable ways to deliver insight and information to customers, employees, partners, investors and suppliers.

But launching and running a corporate blog is not easy. It’s not as simple as writing posts on a regular basis because a blog has to provide value on a regular basis.

So what are the keys to a successful corporate blog? Here are five tips:

1. Content that provides insight, perspective and information. At its core, a corporate blog has to give its readers information they can use to increase their knowledge, learn new things or receive insight.

2. It has need to be well written. A blog with spelling and grammatical mistakes reflects badly on the person writing it and their employer. As well, a blog posts need to have good flow and provide an engaging narrative that makes it easy to read.

This is particularly important given many people scan content online as opposed to reading it. This is why a good headline so important to capture someone’s attention.

3. Posts have to happen on a regular basis. It could be one, two or five posts/week. Whatever the editorial plan, it needs to be consistent to establish expectations within the company and among the blog’s readers.

The worse thing a company can do is post four or five times a week for a few weeks, and then once a week or not at all afterward. When the audience doesn’t know what to expect, they start to drift away.

4. It can’t operate as a standalone entity. There are two angles to this advice. One, a blog needs to be supported and nurtured within a company. It needs to be actively promoted within communications, marketing and sales collateral, business cards, letterhead and email signatures.

It should also be promoted on social media services such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A blog needs to be seen as an integral part of a company’s brand and identity as opposed to be left alone to its own devices.

Second, a corporate blog needs to be integrated into the blogosphere and the blogging community. The people writing a blog need to be reading and commenting on other blogs. You can’t write a blog in isolation otherwise there are no connections with the “outside” world.

5. It needs to look good and have a user-friendly design. As much as a company will spend time and money to create a good Web site, its blog also need to be functional and attractive. In many senses, it is a public marketing vehicle that reflects a company’s brand, culture and approach to business.

A good blog should follow best practices by including things such as an RSS feed (both through an RSS reader and via e-mail), information about the writers, the ability to leave comments, links to social media services, and links to other corporate resources.

What are some of the other things that a good corporate blog should feature?

3 Comments on “Five Key Ingredients for a Successful Corporate Blog”

  1. I’m trying to get the agency I work at on board with this … I will bring this article up in our Monday meeting … it is SO important to have a blog.

  2. I think a company also needs to be open to receiving feedback by allowing comments on their blog.

    Nobody, even a company, is ever the the only expert in their field, and by shutting down the commenting feature of a blog, it sends the wrong message.

    Some companies are worried that people may leave inappropriate comments on their blog and so take an extremely conservative approach.

    You want your audience to feel welcome, by allowing them to comment – even if they are moderated – you give them that feeling.

  3. That’s a good point to Sabrina. It’s not a terrible thing to moderate comments, lots of people do it, but allowing them to come in is a big must in my own opinion.


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