The ‘Staches Were A Success

Well, MOvember is over. No more creepy looking men running rampent through our streets. No more women scared to leave their houses.No more scaring myself every time I look in  the mirror.

While the official numbers are still being tallied by the MOvember foundation, a quick peak at their Mo Money page shows the total money raised nearing $60 million. Our home, Canada, raised $19.5 million of that and Sysomos is proud to be part of that. Thanks again to everyone who helped support our team and MOvember in general!

As promised, we used MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, to look back at the social web for the month of MOvember. We can see right away from our activity summery that the social web was abuzz with talk about MOvember. We found over 11,000 blog posts, almost 3,000 news mentions and over 320,000 tweets. Most surprising to myself was the 8,000 mentions we found in forums.

A look at our world map plotting out the over 320,000 tweets shows most of the activity coming from the six official countries participating, but we can see mentions of MOvember being tweeted from around the world.

Next, we broke down some more demographics to see who was talking about MOvember. We found that the 21-35 year olds dominated the conversation with 71.5%. I thought that the under 20 crowd would have had the least amount of mentions (since there would be less of them that could participate), but they mentioned MOvember more than the 51 and overs. Another interesting thing we found was that women were talking about MOvember almost as much as the men were (47% and 53% respectively).

Lastly, we took a look at our buzzgraph through Twitter to see the words being most used in conjunction with MOvember. We see a lot of words we would expect like “moustache”, “mustache” and “stache” paired with words like “donate” and “support”. Some of the more funny things we found were that people were also talking a lot about “dirty” and “shave” in conjection with the different variations of moustache. Another interesting thing we are able to pick out from this buzzgraph was that people liked to share pictures of their ‘staches because the picture services Twitpic and Yfrog have very strong connections and are appearing close to the middle of the graph.

Overall, it seems this year’s MOvember was a huge success. Congratulations to everyone who participated by growing a moustache and thanks to everyone who donated. Your faces may now return to their normal state… Until we do it again next year!

2 Comments on “The ‘Staches Were A Success”

  1. Hi!

    Kewl analysis. We did a lot of tweeting on the @MovemberOttawa account, which was a blast. However due to the 140 char max on Twitter, we used “Mo” not “stache” in most of our tweets. I noticed it’s not in your analysis. Was it not widely used enough to show up?


  2. Now that you mention it, I think a lot of people did, but I never noticed that it wasn’t there until right now.
    Could just be that people used ‘stache more. There’s also a way in our system to expand that graph and see even more words. Perhaps it would have shown up had I done that.


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