Do You Have Social Stamina?

Are you in shape? Are you willing to go the extra mile even though you’re tired? Are you able to bear down to get the job done?

While these questions could easily apply to playing sports, they’re also pertinent to social media, and a person or company’s ability to keep going even when their enthusiasm or interest wanes.

As I have mentioned before, social media is a game of inches, not miles. The overnight success stories enjoyed by some brands are anomalies as opposed to commonplace. For the vast majority of companies, social media success comes over time after they grind it out hour after hour, day after day.

The challenge for many companies is recognizing this is how social media works. There are no short cuts, no magical solutions, no secret formulas to make your efforts go viral. Social media is grunt work. It means that you keep going (after going) after the novelty and excitement have disappeared.

Far too many companies cut their social media efforts off at the knees by giving up or pulling back after a few months because it looks like their social media efforts aren’t gaining much traction. But progress in social media is like going to the gym. You can’t get in shape in a week; it takes months to do it. Then, one day you discovers that doing 50 push-ups is pretty easy or that you can ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes with relative ease.

The sames goes for social media. You work and work, and then notice there are 2,000 people following you on Twitter or your Facebook Page keeps attracting a healthy number of comments and Likes.

Social media success really comes down to stamina and commitment. It is about having a long-term horizon as opposed to short-term goals that are unrealistic.

So who do you main your social stamina? What tips or tricks are there is keep the “fires burning”?

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