Finally, A Reason to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a strange beast. A growing number of people have joined LinkedIn but the majority have little how or why to use it other than accepting connection requests.

That’s probably an exaggeration but the truth is most people don’t engage that much with LinkedIn. Maybe we will do a search to learn more about someone and see their connections. And there are people who will check out groups.

But if you ask someone whether LinkedIn was a service they used on a regular basis, the answer would probably be a resounding “no”.

This lack of engagement, however, could change with the launch of LinkedIn Today, which displays news based on the interests and reading activities of people within someone’s network.

In many respects, LinkedIn is like, which creates a news page based on the activity of their Twitter followers.

LinkedIn Today is a major tactical initiative for LinkedIn because it makes the service stickier and gives users a reason to visit on a daily basis. It could also make LinkedIn more relevant by delivering news that reflects a user’s connection. In this way, LinkedIn is jumping on the aggregation and content curation arena.

For people who are LinkedIn members but have little reason to visit other than approving a new connection, LinkedIn Today may be a habit changer.

2 Comments on “Finally, A Reason to Use LinkedIn”

  1. Oh so it now features an aggregate of various social networking feeds? Sounds interesting. I honestly haven’t logged on my Linkedin profile for awhile now, but I might see how it looks today.

  2. Mark,

    I find your article surprising. I guess you get out of it what you put into it. We’ve used LinkedIn to directly land substantial business by re-establishing connections, hiring staff, finding partners and suppliers and to augment our web site.

    It’s been a great tool. Looking forward to the social aspects of it.



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