The “Dividends” of Blogging

Writing a corporate blog is a challenge. There is a lot of work to consistently (hopefully!) create interesting or relevant content that balances the goal to be a valuable resource with the building a marketing presence.

The rewards for writing a blog are, of course, pageviews, comments, RSS subscribers and mentions on Twitter. But as many corporate bloggers know, success can be defined beyond the standard metrics if you consider things such as goodwill, respect by peers and competitors, being seen as a differentiator by existing and potential customers, and becoming a vibrant part of the social media community.

The trick is these kind of metrics can be difficult to measure because they’re not as tangible as a pageview, for example, This is why it’s rewarding to get outside validation that what you’re doing is resonating.

For Sysomos and myself, it has been great to be recognized by the AdAge Power 150, which ranks the top-150 marketing blogs. The Sysomos blog is now #98 on the list. Our blog also ranks 56th on the HubSpot Hot 100.

Being ranked on these list is a bonus because they are not the key metrics to determine the success of the blog. But, at the same time, they are important because it’s recognition of the work being done to write the blog and, as important, the commitment Sysomos has made to support the blog since the company launched publicly in late-2008.

To be honest, writing the blog can sometimes be tough slogging to grind out five posts a week. As a result, it’s always a good thing to see “dividends” for all the work behind the scenes.

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  1. Marketing blogs have a great measurable metric, SEO. If you provide content relevant to your product and others begin to link to you, there is the chance that potential clients or customers will find you based on searching for terms used in a particular article.

    Sometimes this is abused and junk articles are produced but often if you put up quality content on a consistent bases you will notice that search engines will begin to lean in your favor.

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