The Corporate Blog’s Renaissance

Since Sysomos officially launched in late-2008, our blog has been a key part of our marketing, communications and sales efforts. At a time when corporate blogs lost some of their lustre in comparison with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, we have focused on creating content offering insight and value about the fast-changing social media landscape, as well as the capability of our monitoring and analytics products.

As it turns out, Sysomos isn’t alone in its fondness for the corporate blog. According to recent HubSpot survey, the number of businesses with a blog climbed to 65% in 2011 from 61% in 2010 and 48% in 2009.

Why is this happening? Why have blogs been so increasingly embraced at a time when they’re not as glamorous as other social media services?

There are a few explanations, which include:

1. The growing recognition that content is an important part of a company’s social media efforts. A blog that generates content can help power a company’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn activities. It also provide material for marketing collateral, newsletters and direct mail.

2. Blogs let companies differentiate themselves by providing insight and information in a far more extensive way than can be done with Twitter and Facebook.

3. A blog is a good way to engage in solid conversations with people who can leave comments, ask questions and provide feedback.

4. Google and other search engines love blog because they generate a lot of fresh content. If a company is interested in improving its search engine optimization (SEO), a blog can become a good organic tool to make that happen.

5. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, blogs are owned and controlled by a company. In other words, they are corporate asset as opposed to something owned by someone else. Blogs are also dynamic creatures that offer fresh content, which complements a corporate Web that is mostly static.

Do you have a corporate blog? If so, what the major reasons for having it?

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  1. I think the same data could be extrapolated towards marketing agencies as well. Although in my experience a agency blog is often the 14th menu item and often doesn’t get the proper attention it deserves.

    Do you see any differences between the impact of b2b blogs or b2c?

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