The Value of the Social Media Champion

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s activity in which gains take place in inches, rather than miles. And after the initial novelty disappears, social media is tough slogging.

So what can companies do to maintain their momentum when social media starts to blend into the background rather than being the belle of the ball?

One of the weapons to keep your social media mojo is having a “champion” internally – someone who’s responsible for making sure the excitement and effort remains alive and well. This is a particularly valuable role if social media tactics are outsourced because it keeps social media front and centre within the company.

Being a social media champion can be a difficult and challenging job because it not only takes a lot of energy but requires a commitment from senior management that social media isn’t a here today, gone tomorrow activity.

A social media champion can be the CEO if that person is social media savvy or, at least, a believer in social media as a key strategic and corporate component.

A social media champion can be a community manager – someone such as Frank Eliason, who filled the role at Comcast, or Ford’s Scott Monty.

It could be an evangelist who is immersed within the social media community. Robert Scoble fills this role in his gig with RackSpace.

At the end of the day, the social media champion plays an important role by not letting social media lose its importance or momentum.

At times, it can be a glamorous job. But it can also be a tough position because sometimes it can require a stick to get people motivated and moving.

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  1. Great post. So many of us think SM is a “given,” but for many companies, it’s unchartered territory with a lot of misconceptions. An influential “champion” is important to keep momentum, of course, and that includes adequate budget for staff to share content, listen, respond, monitor, and share results internally. Might seem like pushing water upstream at first, but resilience is the name of the game. Thanks again, Sysomos.

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