Is Social Media a Fad? Absolutely!

It may be sacrilegious for a social media monitoring and analytics company to suggest that social media – our bread and butter – is a fad. But if we want to be realistic and honest, it’s the truth.

That said, we should offer some explanation before anyone becomes too alarmed. Social media is absolutely a fad because it’s new, sexy and hot. People are jumping on the bandwagon because social media is seen as the place to be – even if the reality is they don’t need to be involved in social media or as involved as they feel they need to be.

This excitement, hype and buzz goes along with the territory when something new bursts out of the gate. It can be described as a fad because many hot ideas, trends, products and services are expected to lose their sizzle at some point. It’s way of the world.

The difference with social media is while the hype may dissipate, its impact is not going to anywhere. Social media may soon lose its sex appeal but only because it will no longer be new. Instead, social media will become part of the communications, marketing and sales landscape.

In time, social media won’t get anywhere near the attention it now generates. It will just be an accepted part of how an individual or company operates, and no one will think twice about it.

So when you think about it, social media is a fad but it’s a fad that will fade into the background to become a key and established medium.

The spark for this post came from Jay Dunn.

9 Comments on “Is Social Media a Fad? Absolutely!”

  1. Once Facebook and Twitter lose their sexiness, there’ll just be another form of online communication. I’m 31 years old. When I was in my first year of undergrad, ICQ was all the rage. By the time I graduated, people migrated to MSN (Messenger). Facebook started when I was in grad school and Twitter when I started working. Who knows what’ll be next?

  2. Seeing that its still “new” (term is new) it will not fade for a while, since more companies are jumping in and making a “hoorah” out of it, making more companies wanna jump onto the bandwagon like you mention. However, since most people still don’t know what they heck they are doing online than registering an account, it will still be a fad for a while.

  3. I totally agree with you Mark. I feel that people simply don’t get it. For comparison sake, I keep picturing the “email” launching day. I would guess many people started to think the “email” thing would never catch. Social media is simply a new communication tool.

  4. I think the ‘social’ side will continue to evolve at a hot, sexy, pace while the marketing efforts of brands through this channel will fade into the background under the marketing budget titled ‘social marketing’.

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  6. At this early point in the growth of social media, I think the only really sure thing about any of it is that it is still in it’s embryonic stage.

    Things are changing rapidly, as they do in any emerging technology related sector, but eventually most of the rapid advancements will slow and social media will be another tool in the marketing strategies of most companies and corporations with an online presence.

    Still, it does seem logical to deduce that something will come along and supplant facebook as the “hot” new thing we all choose to tether ourselves to.

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