After the “Like”, Then What?

Facebook Pages are all the rage. With more than 660 million users, Facebook Pages offer companies access to a large, engaged population, as well as a dynamic service to distribute a variety of content.

And one of the easiest features launched by Facebook has been the “Like” button on a Facebook Page. One click and you’ve joined the hundreds, thousands or even millions of other people who also “Liked” it. But what happens after “Like” given it’s so easy for someone to click it.

To “Like” a Facebook Page has nothing to do with making a commitment. It’s suggest the user has an interest in a company’s Facebook Page, or they were encouraged to hit “Like” because there was a “carrot” to do it – otherwise known as “Like-gating”. Maybe it was a free pastry or a free bagel.

To “Like” is easy but to convince someone to do more than like (“Love”) is difficult – just like real life.

Let’s put it another way: Once you get someone’s interest, you need to do something else or a bunch of other things to keep them engaged and coming back. For companies, they must continually create new and different content to provide people (aka “The Likers”) to come back on a regular or even semi-regular basis.

It could be contests, surveys, polls, entertaining updates, videos, photos, links or music. Facebook Pages are beasts that need to be continually fed, otherwise “The Likers” become bored, and start drifting away to other more interesting Facebook Pages. After all, it’s easy to “Like” someone else, even though Facebook doesn’t make it as easy to “Unlike” a Facebook Page

Keeping “The Likers” content and coming back has everything to do with tactical execution, something we have focused on in previous posts. It’s not particularly glamorous but it’s a necessary evil and, if done well, can be effective in building an engaged and active community. A good example is Starbucks, which has attracted more than 20 million “Likes” by being a content machine with a wonderful editorial variety.

The lesson for anyone who thinks the number of “Likes” is akin to success is that “Likes” just scratch the surface of a Facebook Page’s popularity. “Likes” are easy, low hanging fruit; the hard part comes after the “Like”.

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  1. Hi, great post…nice to read a level headed approach to social media in these crazy times. I totally agree, due to the huge noise in the social space there is a high demand to quantify success with marketers seeking articles that will make things more tangible and CEO proof. However I have seen little correlation with customer satisfaction and Fan gate style like growth. Fan gates can be a great tool and addition to the website concept but deep, thoughtful interactions with consumers is the real stuff…the results can be so powerful. Although I am a search marketing consultant, good social media is incomparable to any type of direct response. @Spike_Digital

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