Content is King But Needs Worker Bees

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the value of content as a key component of a viable social media presence. But an issue that many companies tend not to focus on is who creates the content.

In a recent blog post, Brainzooming’s Mike Brown did a great job of putting this reality in the spotlight, including a quadrant graphic that shows content richness and the ability to integrate it into your social media programs.

The creation of content falls firmly into the realm of tactical execution, which can be a lot more work than anticipated because so much content must be created to have a rich and engaging social media presence. I describe it as “grunt work” because it often receives less attention or appreciation than it deserves.

But that’s the thing about social media – strategy is sexy and glamorous; tactics are challenging and a constant pull on resources.

For companies and organizations getting into social media or looking to improve their efforts, a crucial consideration is determining the available resources so decisions can be made about how many services can be supported properly.

It makes no sense, for example, to have a multi-faceted social media program if the allocated resources are spread too thin. One of the key tenets I preach is it’s better to do less and do it as well as you can rather than do a mediocre job at many things.

It sounds like a straightforward approach but too often there is a perception the more you do, the better the effort.

Unfortunately, this is misguided.

The bottom line is content has to be constantly created, otherwise target audiences will lose interest and drift away. Second, there has to be good quality content that engages, enlightens or entertains. Third, there is needs to be people to make content happen, which can involve full-time employees, contractors or third-party agencies.

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