Facebook Ain’t Going Anywhere

Facebook may be the most hated social media company and some people such as Robert Cringely may believe its dominance may soon be over but Facebook ain’t going anywhere.

With more than 750 million users (and counting), and its social graph tentacles aggressively and continually spreading across the Web, Facebook is far too embedded within the social media landscape and too engrained in peoples’ lives to lose much, if any, of its momentum.

While people may have their reservations about Facebook’s aggressive ambitions and some of its bold initiatives, there’s no doubt the company has launched a series of savvy and popular features that have only strengthened its grip on users, who already use the service for many hours a month.

It means Facebook has a rock-solid presence within the social media landscape. It doesn’t mean there won’t be new challenges or competitive threats such as Google+ but Facebook is too big and too strong to be impacted in a major way.

This scenario may be little comfort to people who believe Facebook is too dominant and that Mark Zuckerberg’s plans are scary, if not dangerous. The reality, however, is Facebook is here to stay for awhile yet.