Old Spice Is “Deuling” It’s Way Back

You may have noticed on TV or before a Youtube video that the Old Spice Guy seemed to disappear and was replaced by romance novel heartthrob Fabio. Well that all ended earlier this week when Isaiah Mustafa, the original Old Spice Guy, appeared on a Youtube video to accept a challenge from Fabio to decide which one of the two would be the official Old Spice Guy.

We’ve all heard for the past year how the Old Spice Guy campaign helped the brand to double their sales after the first round of personalized Youtube videos that came out last summer, but since then the brand got talked about less and less. In order to renew some buzz about Old Spice on Tuesday of this week Fabio and Mustafa battled out via Youtube videos to be crowned the official Old Spice Guy. One thing I can say is that it worked. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, I took a look at just how much this battle reinvigorated talk in social media about the brand. The chart bellow shows online talk about Old Spice over the past six months. Old Spice was clearly still being talked about in social media, but no where near where it was in the past week as we can see the spike starting just a few days ago.

However, when graphed out from the start of the Old Spice Guy campaign, this week was just a trickle into the big bucket of buzz it created. Graphed out bellow is social media buzz about Old Spice from February 2010 (when the first Old Spice Commercial debuted during the Super Bowl) to today. We can see that it had people talking from it’s start, but the largest spike in mentions happened last July when the Old Spice Guy was interacting with people via hilarious Youtube videos.

The past week’s climb for Old Spice was quite impressive though. In just the past seven days we were able to find 1,372 blogs, 524 online news articles, 1,867 forum posts and 39,994 tweets mentioning Old Spice.

This past week also had people around the world talking about Old Spice.

So who won the duel? We can’t say for sure. Old Spice has their own method of scoring the duel that looked at comments and “likes” on Youtube, Facebook “likes,” number of tweets and some other things. When we compared mentions of the two across all social channels it appears that Fabio was mentioned slightly more than the Old Spice Guy. Very slightly. To be fair though, when we searched for mentions of the Old Spice Guy, the mention had to contain the word “guy” even though he tweets from the account just labeled “oldspice.” If “guy” was not included we would have also picked up every time “@oldspice” (as a brand) was mentioned with Fabio as well.

While our results can’t claim an actual winner to the duel, it was still a fun contest to watch. Who do you think won the Old Spice duel? Let us know in the comments. (I was routing for the original Old Spice Guy myself)

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